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kook2 Aug 31 @ 5:33pm 
I love you Theodor, I miss you so much
Halexo May 27, 2019 @ 5:06pm 
Rest in peace Theo. I wish you the best wherever you are
kook2 Nov 1, 2018 @ 5:36pm 
i am his dad it is true and I miss him so much, and thank you everyone that was his friends on here for the kind words
DrVrej Oct 31, 2018 @ 12:19pm 
How do you all know this is true? Was there an official post?
kook2 Sep 25, 2018 @ 6:36pm 
i don't even know what to write here , I hope all his freinds on here remember Theodor for who he was ,quiet and kind the kid that just loved being him. He so loved ww2 and boy he could argue his point, star wars now thats another story if he could he would have had his own clone army.
He really loved his Christmas shows , such a gentle soul to leave this world i can't even beleive this happened,I hope your happy up in heaven with all the love
I miss you very much my heart breaks every day DAD
Laggies SN Sep 22, 2018 @ 4:06pm 
If what everyone says is true, then this is absolutely tragic. Diabetus, you were an awesome person to play games with, and you were generally a nice person to be around. You were funny, kind, and very mellow.

I will never forget about the funny moments on the Hidden: Source and CSS. You will never be forgotten, Morgan Freeman. You'll live on in our hearts, gamer.