Varazdin, Varazdinska, Croatia
Hello random person, read the info below before adding me.
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Welcome c:
Hello there.

leave a comment on mah profile before adding me!

Welome to mah profile, if you wish to add me as a friend, have a good reason for adding me or i will not accept the request.
(Except for those that are in wobre's group, we met in a wobre server or we were friends in the past).
I wont accept your friend request if: you have a private profile
your steam profile is under lvl 10
you dont leave a comment on my profile (like srsly, give me a reason to accept it, i dont like random invites that mutch... sorry :I)

Reasons like "added to trade" will not be accepted, use trade offers for trading please.

my discord: SMG3#6035 (keep in mind im not the real smg4, im just a fan of the villan of his vids c:)

i do not wish to reveal my info so dont bother even asking (i only tell some info only to the people i trust)

tho i will reveal that i am planing to be a level designer for the source engine, hoping to make some maps for some projects i have planned :steamhappy:

to anyone interested in my strange unusual, dont bother its not for trade!

my favorite music: Exile Vilify

Time and time again

if you want to send a trade offer, click on the approved stamp GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA!


mobile authenticator- enabled 24/7 ;)

Unusuals won in 2017: 4


online-feel free to talk with me c:

away-send a message if you want, it will take me some time to reply

busy-you are allowed to send me a message, tho it will take a while for me to reply so be patient and ill respond as soon as im back on my pc :3

looking to play/trade- i rarely use this if not at all :I

offline-wont reply at all, you can send me a message and ill respond when im back online :D

favorite games: Half-Life Half-Life2 Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Portal Portal 2 Team Fortress 2 Papers, Please and many more.


Q: Can i add you?
A: yea go ahead, i like making new friends, just have a reason like to be friends or sometin'.

Q :Do you trade?
A: Sometimes i do, sometimes i dont it rly depends, tho if you want to trade, use trade offers...thx.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Are you srsly that blind?

Q: Can i know your name?
A: Nope.

Item check list: Australim weapon (medi gun, rocket launcher, wrench) :denied:
Unusual hat (Class: Medic, Soldier, Engineer or allclass type: strange) :denied:

Current hobby: learning to make maps via hammer.

and thats it.

im allso a very kind and friendly person so yea :3

best best friends on my friendslist
1. Officer DannyX - The best and awesome weeb i ever meet, keep on being awesome c:
2. ANONY'M - Best polish friend i meet, happy i meet ya c:
3. Crossaint? aka Demopan - Another one of my best friends i meet c:
4. ED-E - Best. server. owner. ever :D
5. Iriya - Best person i ever meet, and a great person to donate items too for wobre credits :3
6. Officer BlueStar - one of the best croats i meet on wobre, keep on being awesome
7. Žorž the box wizard - another best croat i meet on wobre, and is addicted to boxes :D
8. Katja Pegaus - best friend i ever meet, and is a awesome artist c:
9. Swipez - The badass spy main, good person to be friends with tho his friends list is full atm :I
10. Djeuchim - Best cowboy i ever meet c:
11. I ❤ little kittens :3 - One of the best admins i meet on wobre, miss you Maxi :I
12. King - good friend to talk to
13. ✯✔Disbelief Spy✔✯ - another great person to talk to.
14. Jack 47 - another great friend to talk to.
15. Ethan - Great british friend c:
16. ✰💙ブラン [M7™]💙✰ - Best wobre admin ever c:
17. Smotan aka Apache - Great Montenegran friend, keep on being awesome
18. Ze uploader - Great italian friend, keep on being awesome.
19. ☆☆Ret☆☆ »GoF« - Another great polish friend c:
20. Invisible - Good person to talk too :D

welp, thats it for now, wanna appear here? contact me.

my best friends on my friendslist:
PP (practical problems)
Officer Cieser
»GoF« Officer BlueStar
[»Ғмᄃ«] Julian
♥Julien♥ »GoF«
♚Ĝ҉ Ǻ҉ Ӎ҉ Ế҉ Ʀ♚
☆☆Ret☆☆ »GoF«
King »GoF«
Thomas The Troll
Vintage Heavy
Ⓗ.Ⓣ. Sans
☯ Aɾ√iiis ☯
Al Capone
Jack 47
Plasma Dragoon

and meny more people on my friends list :3

you'r all amazing :3

welp thats abaut it have a wonderfull day now c:

engi :3 :steamhappy:

Triggered_Atheist Sep 15 @ 8:17am 
I feel like I've seen this profile before...

Anyways, good day to you, other random person.
engineer Sep 13 @ 11:57am 
Yeeeeeees :)
Joetrija Sep 13 @ 9:06am 
๖ۣۜEternal Sep 13 @ 8:50am 
๖ۣۜEternal Sep 10 @ 11:14am 
Hello, it's me again. You got a nice profile my dude. Have a good day/evening :D
Rozone Sep 10 @ 9:01am 
Hi engi-man, thanks for the comment on my profile, it was very kind of you. I hope we'll meet again ! Feel free to add me if you don't believe in destiny o/