Varazdin, Varazdinska, Croatia
Hello random person, read the info below before adding me.
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Welcome c:
Hello there.

leave a comment on mah profile before adding me!

Welome to mah profile, if you wish to add me as a friend, have a good reason for adding me or i will not accept the request.
(Except for those that are in wobre's group, we met in a wobre server or we were friends in the past).
I wont accept your friend request if: you have a private profile
your steam profile is under lvl 10
you dont leave a comment on my profile (like srsly, give me a reason to accept it, i dont like random invites that mutch... sorry :I)

Reasons like "added to trade" will not be accepted, and if you want to add me for trade then please go the fuck away and never come back to this profile again. MY INVENTORY IS OFF LIMITS!!!

my discord: SMG3#9753 (keep in mind im not the real smg4, im just a fan of the villan of his vids c:)

i do not wish to reveal my info so dont bother even asking (i only tell some info only to the people i trust)

tho i will reveal that i am planing to be a level designer for the source engine, hoping to make some maps for some projects i have planned :steamhappy:

to anyone interested in my strange unusual, dont bother its not for trade!

my favorite music: Exile Vilify

Time and time again

mobile authenticator- enabled 24/7 ;)

Unusuals won in 2017: 4


online-feel free to talk with me c:

away-send a message if you want, it will take me some time to reply

busy-you are allowed to send me a message, tho it will take a while for me to reply so be patient and ill respond as soon as im back on my pc :3

looking to play/trade- i rarely use this if not at all :I

offline-wont reply at all, you can send me a message and ill respond when im back online :D

favorite games: Half-Life Half-Life2 Half-Life 2: Episode 1 Half-Life 2: Episode 2 Portal Portal 2 Team Fortress 2 Papers, Please and many more.


Q: Can i add you?
A: yea go ahead, i like making new friends, just have a reason like to be friends or sometin'.

Q :Do you trade?
A: No, I do not.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Are you srsly that blind?

Q: Can i know your name?
A: Nope.

Item check list:
Australim weapon (medi gun, rocket launcher, black box, wrench) :approved:
Unusual hat (Class: Medic, Soldier, Engineer or allclass type: strange) :approved:

Current hobby: learning to make maps via hammer.

and thats it.

im allso a very kind and friendly person so yea :3

best best friends on my friendslist
1. Officer DannyX - The best and awesome weeb i ever meet, keep on being awesome c:
2. ANONY'M - Best polish friend i meet, happy i meet ya c:
3. Crossaint? aka Demopan - Another one of my best friends i meet c:
4. Eternal - One of the best british friends i met, and is friends with joetrija c:
5. ED-E - Best. server. owner. ever :D
6. Iriya - Best person i ever meet, and a great person to donate items too for wobre credits :3
7. Officer BlueStar - one of the best croats i meet on wobre, keep on being awesome
8. Žorž the box wizard - another best croat i meet on wobre, and is addicted to boxes :D
9. Katja Pegaus - best friend i ever meet, and is a awesome artist c:
10. Swipez - The badass spy main, good person to be friends with tho his friends list is full atm :I
11. Djeuchim - Best cowboy i ever meet c:
12. I ❤ little kittens :3 - One of the best admins i meet on wobre, miss you Maxi :I
13. King - good friend to talk to
14. ✯✔Disbelief Spy✔✯ - another great person to talk to.
15. Jack 47 - another great friend to talk to.
16. Ethan - Great british friend c:
17. ✰💙ブラン [M7™]💙✰ - Best wobre admin ever c:
18. Smotan aka Apache - Great Montenegran friend, keep on being awesome
19. Ze uploader - Great italian friend, keep on being awesome.
20. ☆☆Ret☆☆ »GoF« - Another great polish friend c:
21. Invisible - Good person to talk too :D

welp, thats it for now, wanna appear here? contact me.

my best friends on my friendslist:
PP (practical problems)
Officer Cieser
»GoF« Officer BlueStar
[»Ғмᄃ«] Julian
♥Julien♥ »GoF«
♚Ĝ҉ Ǻ҉ Ӎ҉ Ế҉ Ʀ♚
☆☆Ret☆☆ »GoF«
King »GoF«
Thomas The Troll
Vintage Heavy
Ⓗ.Ⓣ. Sans
☯ Aɾ√iiis ☯
Al Capone
Jack 47
Plasma Dragoon

and meny more people on my friends list :3

you'r all amazing :3

welp thats abaut it have a wonderfull day now c:

engi :3 :steamhappy:

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Have a nice day!:8bitheart:
*Beep beeep* thank you for trading with me ^.^ have a good day :Speech_Love:
Jack Archer Nov 1 @ 12:53am 
Stretna noc vjeeeestica!
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Happy Hallowen
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Happy Halloween, engy! :summerghost:
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Sretna noć vještica engi :D