Engineer Psy
Engineer Psyren, A.J.   Athens, Ohio, United States
I am not accepting random friend requests unless there is a reason. Read my info box. Comment Below.

Times i've listened to Folie à Deux: too many.

Ignore my ever-changing name.
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Who am I? Wait, who are you? Eh, doesn't matter. Read this.
Hey Nerds, i'm Engineer Psy. But most people just call me Psy.

Random Things About Me

Name: A.J.

Age: 18.

Hobbies: Tabletop & Video Gaming, Watching Anime, Reading Manga, Doing SFM, and Listening to Music .

Favorite Color: This One. []

Favorite Manga: Psyren. (Hence my name.)

Favorite Anime: Cowboy Bebop.

Favorite Bands: Fall Out Boy, The Beatles, Twenty One Pilots, Gorillaz, Weezer, Joywave, Pink Floyd, Eagles, Panic! At The Disco, fun., Saint Motel, Ozma, Black Sabbath... to name a few.

Favorite Song: 20 Dollar Nose Bleed.

Favorite Games: Tf2, Hearthstone, Bastion, and Warhammer 40k (The Tabletop Game)-- to name a few.

Tf2 Mains: Engineer and Medic.

I use Discord. Alot. Add me or join my Discord server. Ask me for a link.

Adding to the point above, I really like talking on-mic.

I clean my friends list ofen. I don't like having a big friends list, nor do I like having friends that I don't talk to on my friends list. So, if you get removed, send me another invite. :)

I am almost always looking for someone to play with! Feel free to shoot me an invite.

Things That You Should Know Before Adding Me

1. I usually don't accept random adds anymore unless there is a good reason. Comment Below.

2. I don't like drama.

3. I rarely trade anymore.

PC Specs

Processor: AMD Quad Core Processor 3.9GHz


Storage: 250GB, 1TB

Graphics Card(s): AMD Radeon R7 and a Radeon RX480 4GB

Monitor: Lenovo 23” HD IPS Monitor, Westing 24'' LED TV

Mouse: SteelSeries Call of Duty Black Ops II Gaming Computer Mouse

Headset: Sennheiser GSP 600

Mic: Blue Yeti w/ Pop Filter & Arm Stand

Keyboard: Redragon Karura keyboard

Camera: Logitech C310

Some Notable Friendos

LazyLime - Heckin' Edgy Sniper Main, big 'ol internet friendo.

Dapsley - Irl Best Friendo, Donator of many underplayed games of mine. Biggest Dork.

BluToon - Literally, the biggest Nerdbag. Big 'ol internet friendo.

Krisis2254 - My other Irl best Friendo, big 'ol nerd.

Inpecular - Comes from Canada, chill boi. Likes Orange.

Jack The Stripper - A man of lots of purple, and a big homersexual. Medic main.

Nope - Cool kiddo, heckin' nerd and the closest i've ever gotten to meeting an online friendo.

Smurf - Basically, a big 'ol dork that is blue.

ArmStrong - British boi that is pretty epic.

TheBeasts - Cool boi that does the games with me sometimes.

Goddamn, there are so many more. Fuck it, i'll write more later.


My Blizzard/ : EngineerPsy#1184

My Discord Tag: Engineer Psy#5057

My Origin: EngineerPsyren

My Useless Youtube Channel

My Twitch Channel (I do stuff here sometimes!) []

My Long-Ass Spotify Playlist [] 103 hours and counting.

My Reddit!

My Twitter!

Trade Link


Online - Not dead usually, this is the best time to message me.

Online (Mobile) - Just checking something. Feel free to message me, though I might not get to it immidiately.

Online (In-Game) - Feel free to message me, though it might take me a hot minute to get back to you.

Away - I am not at my PC.

Busy - I rarely use this one. When I do, don't bother me.

Looking to Play/ Trade - I don't use these.

Offline - I'm Dead-Pa-Cito.

Last Updated: 4/1/19
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oh god i'm somewhere else now
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Is someone here ?
SolarKnight2 Mar 13 @ 12:58pm 
Psy, if you’re still there and you are willing to listen to me, I’m sorry for what I’ve done, I really am. It’s been over a year, I’m just hoping you’ll please forgive me. I know everything I did was wrong, I’m trying so hard to make it up to you.
If you don’t forgive me, I’ll just leave and you won’t see me again. At least tell me something, please.
fart Mar 10 @ 1:30pm 
poo fart