Duke of Chernobyl   Kyyivs'ka Oblast', Ukraine
If you want to add me, leave a comment below why.
If you won't, expect your account permablocked.
If you want to ask question about Canteen Crasher, go to Potato's group chat.

I study physics at uni like a proper nerd and get paid for doing so
I played comp before, so I know... something.
for now I'm judge of contests. real mapping contests.

And I play MvM. (duh)
Some stuff about me
I played comp

ETF2L : some HL in some Artimek team, never actually won stuff
UGC : mostly Steel but when I played Silver I got to playoffs just to faceplant like a noob I am
and I'm sub in one of silver team so that works Iguess

Oh and I "main" engi.
Sort of.

Other gamez

pAYYday 2
Starjew Valley

and much more just open my owned games
don ac dum


I don't sell.
Just don't.
If I ever want to buy something I'll add you instead when I want to buy that thing of yours.

Q: Can I buy your unusua-
A: No.

Q: But-
A: I said no.

Q: I'll over-
A: No, not even if you overprice it.

I make stuff :
Some maps I made

So there was this one reskin of Decoy that wasn't half bad for bad amateur I am :
TF2M []

And then there was this one CTF that was bashed and I lost interest :
TF2M []

Some other missions I made

Well I can't much into level design (see section above)

So missions, eh?

Everlasting Mayhem [] - endless MvM gimmic, done for like 72hr Jam or something
General Medieval Tie [] - geddit, like GMT? (again 72hr Jam stuff)
Mekanism Malfunction - some Expert Endurance I made for Rottenburg long ago, probs still on Potato's or something.
Evil Eye - that one mission I submitted for Titanium Tank that got like 0 points [] away from winning.
Qualeafied Treetment - okay, it's punny. Full of memes. I just dare you read the sauce code of it. Collabed for this tour [].

Oh and I like stream here []
like literally once in a blue moon
for like 3-4 viewers or some stuff


Sntr: you gave "use large smoke explosion" to a f***ing burst chief
Nuke: Yes
Sntr: oh my god

[AMvM]The One Of Wonders: madman
Nuke: yes

Nuke : intermemediate?
[AMvM]The One Of Wonders : nuke ffs

ekuN: emem gnivil
42: what
ekuN: sdrawkcab
42: lemmie do this first
ekuN: yako
ekuN: ?os
42: Ok done
42: What is it
42: R U drunk
ekuN: on
42: Fucking russans
ekuN: lel uoy htiw gnikcuf tsuj m'I
42: Pls

Swordstone: you piece of garbage
Swordstone: i love you

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Bodi4ka Jul 17 @ 1:30am 
Added for negotiation
matias842 Jul 16 @ 4:14pm 
you have a lot of patience xd
anyways, nice player :sans:
Overlord Jul 16 @ 7:51am 
You were pretty chill in mvm, maybe we could play tf2 together?
Nuke Jul 9 @ 6:37am 

who allowed you to spam maymays

Nuke Jun 22 @ 11:04am 
why the hell are you guys doing on my profile excuse me