Qoo   Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania
I'm bad at videogames and friendships
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#1 Place winner in Tanki Online (local Chelyabinsk tournament for 3$)
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I'm sorry
I know a lot of people hate me, likely for the same reason. I'm genuinely sorry for being a retarded troglodyte.

Come by for beer anytime
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Sick Monkey Sep 4 @ 2:05pm 
stasis and still loses every match, ♥♥♥♥ noob
Stoph Aug 5 @ 9:35am 
Teach me some Lithuanian curse words
Theraphosa Jul 28 @ 8:39am 
Hes kinda cute idk
Stoph Jul 20 @ 5:07am 
I remember you once bullied me on Steam for being an edgy depressed POS and I've completely reformed now so thanks for that lol
Espeon_Punk Jul 18 @ 6:31pm