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*Semi retired because I'm too busy with other stuff right now. I have several ideas not yet to be materialized and bunch of buried, half-finished SFM projects because of it.
*Now I'm making a return with new ideas (thanks alot 15.ai). It's best for me to get rid all my old abandoned projects, I don't want them to burden me anymore.

:p2orange:I'm just a regular Source Filmmaker animator, 3D modeler, TF2 workshop contributor, and casual vector artist. I'm also a pretty decent TF2 player (Medic, Heavy and Engineer mains at your service XD).

:p2blue:Feel free to chat with me. if I'm ignoring or not replying to you, I either asleep or doing something important like a potty break.

:p2orange:For now I'm taking intro video and modeling commissions especially TF2 competitive medal commissions. I'm open for negotiation.

:p2blue:All friend request will be ignored or blocked if:
:fidget: Level 0 and private
:fidget: Random friend request without informing me first at the comment section below or somewhere else (the "I wanna add you to report on duped item" comment at my random screenshots can definitely go f*ck off)
:fidget: Being an @sshole at me at somewhere else like at Steam forum

:p2orange:If you have a good reason or request to add me other than trading, just comment down below and I will consider it.

:p2blue:Another thing, if you wanna add me just to expect me to teach you SFM like a personal tutor, it's not going happen. I'm done with that forever. I did tutoring once and it almost ruin my life. Sure, I can help you with some issues you're having but that's IT!

𝐅ilthy 𝐅ruition 𝐅or 𝐅easible 𝐏rice

Workshop Showcase
*Banana may be included

[code]VERSION 2.0: All-class version! Except Demo and Pyro that are in their own separate submission due to material complications.[/code]

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Workshop Showcase
"I just wanna grill for God's sake"
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GroundZero Dec 2 @ 6:38pm 
+ rep:steamthumbsup: helped me with a problem:missing: i had in sfm
what is knife Dec 2 @ 2:54am 
nice shrek
SPUNGBOPFAN2019 Nov 22 @ 6:07pm 
kind of a ♥♥♥♥
Bloody Hell Nov 22 @ 10:30am 
funny guy
M4ɳɳιαc! Nov 22 @ 1:03am 
lets go bowling
› Ali Salar™ Nov 21 @ 1:41pm 
Gotta say the new taunt looks badass, the introduction sfm was cool too at first I thought I'm watching one of those Saxxy entery videos in 2015 then the taunt intro came to the scene xD