Seigneur Emilia
Emilia   Ireland
Words of a mother, Soft was the sound,
Bury your brother, Lower him down,
Plant his sword in the earth,
Lay his shield on the ground,
Leave your prayers in this dirt,
There's no god to be found.

❃❁❃❁❃❁❃❁❃❁❃ EmiliaV3 ❃❁❃❁❃❁❃❁❃❁❃


clouded, farther than the periphery, smeared electronics flood the stairwell. banished formants glow through chain links. a distant storm, an empty breeze is stuck on pause. shapes contest their own shadows in the noise. my mind is hunted, tangled and wrung out by endless phantom waves. offer them the REPLIKA.

Oh hello there. I see you're quite interested in this description ey?
Well since you're this far down I may as well show something off!
I like to write poems, every so often I crank one out, So i think I'll leave them here for you curious folks to see!

The old forget, the young renew
The earth progresses through it's rubble
But man is weak, and men are few
The human species are naught but trouble
Peace comes first, war comes second
Condemned fight back whilst powers struggle
But what comes last is but the end
For nothing can flee from Faith's tunnel
What is life but needless dead
When victors hail and glasses cheer
When soldiers lie on lands bloodshed
Brothers in arms shall shed their tears
Life repeats whilst death awaits
Men know less than blades aclash
The faithful stand at heavens gate
While sin stares at corruptions ash
Does hatred do naught but fester?
Can man and women stand aside?
Better yet, abstain from slaughter?
Is war inevitable, for king has died?
Can nothing stop this road of lament?
Weapons drawn while toddlers weep
The prairies sing tunes of resent
Roma Victoria! Our pride is reaped
Nothing stops the kingdoms leap.
When fire burns a crimson light
Nations call for savage war
Faithful seek to quell the blight
Sinful seek to watch worlds be torn
Is faith not more than mere concept?
The fire fades whilst survivors gander
Countries fallen, proved inept
What is left? Else ash seek ember.
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