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-Leave a comment before sending a friend request please.
-Don't ask to trade with me, I'm not interested.
-I regularly clean my friends list. If I deleted you, I either didn't recognize your name or we don't talk often enough.
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"One day I shall be quoted." - Oi
"Is someone gonna quote me?" - Meltin Gelatin
"I wish someone would quote me for once." - FawfulRoach
"I don't have any quotes." - Linkzz
"I haven't had anyone quote me in a long time. Guess I'm just not quotable." - Sir Spookleton
"Not everything I say is quotable." - Soup
"I wish I was quotable..." - Hero Of Time #buttstab
“Am I finally quotable yet??” - Angel
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-As stated above, I don't trade. I don't accept random friend requests. I do clean out my friends list often enough so don't be too surprised if we either don't ever talk, or I don't remember you by your name change.
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~Business Lucy~ Oct 6 @ 1:21am 
+rep amazing person with an adorable doggo
tocks Sep 13 @ 11:03pm 
+rep did not chile
Majic Sep 13 @ 11:00pm 
you just hate chile wtf not cool
Majic Sep 13 @ 10:55pm 
viva la chile
munkie Sep 7 @ 7:12pm 
+rep shipped me with some dude because I said to him "we should s3x"
Tea Connoisseur Sep 1 @ 1:07pm