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Personal Achievements

Joe Ham, Noodle Man

Help Joe Ham
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 9:07pm

Old Friends

Activate Camus in your vehicle
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 8:50pm

First Delivery

Complete your first delivery job
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 8:26pm

Two roads diverged

Make a decision
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 8:58pm


Refuel your vehicle
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 9:17pm

Tastier than maggot pizza

Get something to eat
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 8:30pm

Nothing to see here

Pass a CorpSec security check
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 8:44pm

I'm an Engineer

Find the Engineer
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 8:30pm

Toxic Loudcaster

Get interviewed by the Undernet's hottest loudcast
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 8:46pm

A Song about Home

Complete the game

The perfect run

Complete the game without repair

Memory Collector

Find 20 Punch Cards

Sunstone Terrace

Discover the Sunstone Terrace in Mochi District

Nihon Outlook Point

Discover the Nihon Outlook Point

Braver than I thought

Buy a piece of Cherry Pie

No Pressure

Successfully complete all time sensitive deliveries

Lost and Found

Return a suspicious item to CorpSec

Trading up

Get a new HOVA model

Running Clean

Install a Speedbooster

Null Gate

Pass a Null Gate

Above the Clouds

Enter a Spire above the clouds


Go through with the prank

Charity lightens the soul

Deliver emergency rations


Pick up Huxley

Mr. Anderson

Get to know the Andersons

Good Rabbit

We are become death, destroyer of worlds

Swallowed by the Seas

... as they complain across a thousand shores

Dogs and Automata

Discuss friendship and life with Camus

Wanted for crimes against businessocracy

Flee from CorpSec

HOVA Enthusiast

Install all available vehicle upgrades

Almost like Home

Purchase all available apartment upgrades

Postbox of love

Bring Douglas the Dating Agency flyer


Use a Holocash machine

Decision above the Clouds


We're a taxi service now

Hi, my name is Rania. I'm a delivery driver. I normally don't take passengers.


Decide Dolly's fate

Customer Feedback



Escape the Undernet Pulse

Nivalis Tourist

Discover all unlockable locations

I prefer tarte tatin

Sell a piece of cherry pie to Trixie Dio

Radio Free Nivalis

Discover the radio with Camus

No more accidents



Return Artyom's ring

Summer 76

Return the memory card to Janet Mortaim

Speed Racers

Give Mala the trading card

Load "" Enter

Sell ancient computer games to Danya

In a min, Theremin

Sell old instruments to Sabra

Tempus fugit

Learn about Teko's past


Receive a lecture from Suto Dore

Not sure I'm cut out for this

Meet the Engineer again

I quit

Meet the Engineer a third time


Meet Norman the falcon


Have a flirty conversation


Run into a street gang

He's a robot Andy knows it

Have a meaningful conversation with Andy

Forbidden Types

Make a delivery for Rotriv

Grow a thicker skin

Help the Patchwork Man

A Lead

Talk to Raguan


Deliver to a CEO

Investment Offer

Meet Jimmy Roll-High

Can I quote you?

Talk to Donn Vee, the reporter for the Inquirer

Neural Mods

Talk to Susie Hark, the Extravert

Cardinal communication

Get screamed at by a mad street preacher

Irony or something

Give Haldo a candy bar

Verbal Martial Artist

Have a debate with Glen Bo

Have a safe word

Meet Molly

Easy Money

Find a holocash keycard

Neo Cupid

Deliver a printed heart

Le Grille

Find the Le Grille restaurant

Metropol Building

Find the Metropol Building

Hiss Club

Discover the Hiss Club

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