Hello, this is my profile!

I don't know why are you reading this tbh but fine just read along.

MY favorite logs : http://logs.tf/2168325#76561198046838348

The engineer main : Ikidu

I play a lot of mge my favorite mge map is badlands middle.

My role in competitive is being a soldier (planning to be medic)

My favorite games: Team Fortress 2 And Don't Starve Together

If you ever add me then it is simple i will check your profile see if you got -rep on bp.tf I will block you so don't try.

quotes from people losing to me:
*SPEC* o_0 : so gay play style
*SPEC* o_0 : just away every time
*SPEC* o_0 : just to be gay
shock : not negotiating w/ retards soz
*SPEC* maikku : why im not suprised its open player who runs away and hides in mge

That"s it I guess I don't know why you read all of this in the first place.:DSTwilson:
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