___-----Read for Information-----___ :rockon::sans::rockon:

Im playing games mainly for fun im not a complete tryhard :gopnik::gopnik:
Im a 19 yr old cunt. :gopnik:
If you play League of Legends you can add me :
I played league for a long long time now (since S3/4)

Mainboard:Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2V
Prozessor:Intel Core i5 7500 4x 3.4GHz
Arbeitsspeicher:8GB DDR4 PC-2133
Grafikkarte:Palit GeForce GT1030 2048MB
Festplatte:1000GB SATA-III 7200rpm 32MB Cache
Windows 10 64bit

My Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3c1J7NmJ2wPNhgxjEC4OXw


Dance to the Death :emofdr:

----Beware the Man who denied his existence. Beware the man who speaks in hands. Dark, Darker . . . yet Darker.----
----Asgore, the Gatekeeper and the King of the Underground----

----Sans :sans:----

----Papyrus, Leader of the Royal Guard and Chef :papyrus:----

Trader with experience.(i dont really trade anymore) Surf is life.
You can add me if you want to or send me an offer :D
Im up to every offer
My Steam64ID: 76561198169258190
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Nice Matchmaking Volvo
глупый Mar 10 @ 11:16am 
NivX Feb 25 @ 9:03am 
what did the handsome man say to the idiot..
''That joke you left on my profile is unfunny''
♿ person ツ Feb 25 @ 9:00am 
hey i heard he like the bil
NivX Feb 25 @ 8:52am 
+rep What did the handsome man say to the idiot..
''Hey NivX''
alman Feb 20 @ 8:28am 
Gott hat nicht gezeugt und wurde nicht gezeugt
survive^ Feb 2 @ 7:33am 
+rep funny dude