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Vampire's Fall EeuorT
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Achievement Showcase
- Promotion of Cross Of The Dutchman (credits).

- Script translation + proofreading for Day 2 + Day 7 in One Manga Day (credits).

- Script translation + proofreading for Day 7 + Day 8 Winter Novel (credits).

- Script translation + proofreading for Krampus. (credits)

- Script translation + proofreading for Nightmare. (credits)

- Quality assurance Solarix (credits).

- Quality assurance Party Jousting (credits).

- Quality assurance Shadows Peak (credits).

- Quality assurance De-Void (credits).

- Quality assurance Porradaria 2 Pagode Of The Night / DLC (credits).

- Quality assurance Devoured Time (credits).

- Quality assurance Ant Queen 3D (credits)

- Four Winged Studio's game testers program tested Alien Hostage. (credits)

- [STAFF] as ingame chat and online forum moderator for Vampire's Fall.

- Name added ingame to the story in Vampire's Fall for my PVP record, 9554.

"According to the legend the mighty EeuorT had 9554 battle victories. I wonder if we ever will see vampires like that again."
- A Purple Cloak (Vampire's Fall NPC)

The game is Vampire's Fall. In the final town of the expansion there is an NPC that tells the legend of "Mighty" [EXPLORER] EeuorT and his PVP record. Of course "Mighty" [EXPLORER] EeuorT is me. [EXPLORER] was 1 of 3 titles ever given that I won. I got added to the games story for my PVP record of 9554... "It's over 9000!".
I was also [STAFF] for Vampire's Fall. Chat and online forum moderation.
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