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Santana   Cat Island, Bahamas
I bet you kiss girls faggot

Let me show you the song of my people
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Shit about me
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Aye. My names Umbra. Nice to meet ya. I’m a platform game fighter, a hero shooter fan, a jack of all trades, but master of none.

Platform fighter experience

Main: Koji
Best weapon: Bow
Peak elo: 2114 (kill me)
I can get some mediocre placements too, I guess. But nothing worth noting on my profile.

Rivals of aether
Main: Clairen
Secondary: Maypul
Peak elo: around 1200 (WE ON THE COME UP BABY!)
Haven’t played any tournaments. I’m not exactly good yet.

Slap city
Main: Itlle dew
Secondary: Jenny fox/Masked ruby
Peak elo: No ranked system (xd)
I’d like to think I’m not bad, good enough I guess.

Smash 4
Main: Roy
Secondary: Fox/Marth
Peak Elo: >implying smash bros uses elo
I’m actually garbage at smash. I don’t own a wiiU, so I have to play on 3DS. Looking forward to 5 though!

FPS experience

Team fortress two
Main: Scout
Secondary: Spy/Soldier
Rank: High steel/Low silver
3000 hours into this game, I’m a degenerate.

Main: Reinhardt
Secondary: Mccree/a mix of DPS and tanks
Peak rank: Platnium
Hit me up if you need a hammer swinging one trick.

Main: Maeve
Secondary: Makoah/a mix of flank/frontline
Peak rank: gold 2
I swear if I play this game more I can get plat or diamond

just some personal stuff

I'm a furry In case you didn't guess already

I can be a real bitch when I'm angry, if i piss you off i apologize

I still play competitive but I'm not as into it anymore for TF2

I am bisex man

I’m currently working as a dishwasher in hopes of becoming a chef

I love cats with a passion

Discord is the best way to contact me, my ID is Umbra Star#9354 I’m on it all the time

Everyone on my friends list is a cool dude. If you are on my friends list, consider yourself a good friend. Since I often delete people who I don't speak to often
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For fucks sake, stop INVITING ME to your god damn UNCOOL groups!
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