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When it was announced long time ago I was very exited to see how it will become. First previews looked great, then the prototype which got rid of some things people thought might be great, and then the final one, which came more close to the classical gamepads we all know.

I waited for a while after it got released to everyone before I bought one in a local store (great that they partnered with retailers to make that work, saving me the shipping costs and the waiting time).

It immediately got a firmware upgrade after plugin, and another one some days later when I decided to switch to Steam Beta since I have read that some of maybe pending issues are already fixed there.

For me it feels comfortable to hold it, it feels slightly bigger than my 360 pad, feedback it provides it also nice.
A whole lot of buttons, but when you think about the games that are supposed to be played using a keyboard, that's required, since they normally do have many functions to be assigned. Configuration options are huge, and community profiles are a great time saver. I like that you cannot only assign keys, but also a 'description' to them, so that you easily know when quickly checking in the overlay what ingame action the button will do.

So far I tried:
  • Worms Reloaded. I did some adjustments to one of the community profiles since it seems my default keys did not match the profile so zooming did not work, but after the changes I an happy. Both weapon targeting and worm movement are on the stick, and for zooming I used the backside buttons.
    I used that one locally, means directly installed on the machine.
  • The Walking dead 2. I am used to play this with the 360 pad, just wanted to see if it's any different with this one. It anyway does not use special keys, just the standard ones, so works well, as expected.
    I used that one locally, means directly installed on the machine.
  • Mass Effect 2. That's what I was waiting for the most, an RPG with complex mouse/keyboard control. I picked a community profile, but screwed it, since obviously it was based on the default keyboard settings, not my custom layout. So I modified it for me needs and now works like a charm... that is, almost... my remaining painpoint is those stupid ingame override minigames, where with time pressure you have to click icons to link them. I hope to find the key somewhen to a perfect configuration of the right trackpad, since my current settings are not yet precise enough to point the cursor to where I want, it got a lot better over the last days playing with the options, but I am not yet where I want to be.
    For the record, I am even combining in this case the controller with in-home streaming, since ME2 is not installed in my living room, but only on my other machine. Still works very well. First try was with the main PC being Beta, the controller connected one being Regular, and I felt some strange things with the profile customizing, but once I switch the second one also to Beta, those issues disappeared.

In Steam BP itself it works just like any other gamepad. Integration is nice though, means it tells about the existence of the controller, easily updates firmware, saves profiles, also the screenshot and steam overlay functionality is good to have.
When you write text you have this split keyboard, where both touchpads and shoulder triggers work for half of the keys each so you basically type with two(four) fingers (but you can also fallback to using the stick and A button as in the past, which ever way you like). New feeling, but works pretty quick.

A small but also - since the 360 pad does not do this - very nice fact is that once the PC shuts down, it turns itself off immediately, instead of waiting for many minutes until it realizes that connection is lost. Very good detail.

Overall I think it's a great replacement for separate keyboard/mouse in the living room, which as per my understanding is what it is meant to be. There surely are things I prefer using my 360 pad, and there are others I will never ever play on a TV, regardless the input device, but for all the games that do not bring gamepad support it's a very nice experience what this thing can do.
I can fully recommend it to everyone who does not (yet) expect it to work in a plug and play mode without the need for personalization. I think PC gamers are used to custom keyboard settings, and everyone who is will be more than happy with this device.
Posted December 30, 2015.
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