Echo Virus
Jacob Reed   United States
I may not be a let's player or a famous workshop item creator but a person ready for anything! Well not everything.

Race: Native american, irish, french, british and german
Weight: [REDACTED]
Height: [REDACTED]
Gender: Male
Birthday: [REDACTED]
Hobbies: WW1 renactment, history( WW1 and others), gas masks, etc.

Also Do not add me if you want addons. I can't create any addons besides saves, dupes, and reuploads at the moment, so don't send a comment if you want help with your own addons and send one to help me create some.

Edit: I add some rules, please follow them.

If you are level 0-1, don't add me if you just want addon help.

You must be above 0 or 1 to add me.

Online - talk to me, trade, invite, etc

Away - i'm doing something

Looking to play - invite me to join a game or two

Looking to trade - ask to trade some stuff

Busy - i'm doing important or something like that, so don't bother me please

Offline - my "break time" for a little while or a long time

Here some rules for when you have been added.
1. Don't use my friendship as your own plaything, failure to heed this warning will get you unfriended.

2. No racism or crap of any kind. Failure to heed this, i will have you unfriended and blocked and possibly reported.

3. Don't trick me with scams and other junk and s**t. You'll know what the punishments are.

4. Although i'm a nice guy, i can get mad real quick and often use profanity words, that doesn't mean i'm a bad guy. If you some how managed to get "triggered", don't blame me, blame your apprant "triggerness".

Favorite songs: The final solution, whats the price of a mile, and the last battle

Favorite band: sabaton

Qutoes: Cheeki breeki nv damki, stalker, a emission is coming soon, Hax!, ETC

My OCs

Echo Virus
Born: 4/7/1882

Hans Gewehr or "Echo Virus" was born to a middle class family in the German Empire. After the assassination of the archduke and his wife by a serbian nationalist, Hans decided to join the landser to defend his country and protect germany's allies. After 4 yours in conflict, hans became a sturmmann and was fighting in argonne forest. When a bright light took him to the year 2071. Hans was confused and was founded by a recon group. They all called him Ehco Virus and he joins the allies against the T.D.A invasion.
Notes: Echo Virus refufes to believe thath the central powers lost WW1 and germany became a fascist state from 1933-1945 and started WW2, he called it "allied progangada".

Krieg Volkstrum

Krieg is a "unknown" creature. Krieg likes the peace and quiet that is a vey rare thing in the TF freak and monster universe. He was capture by the HECU to join in their operations. Mistaking them to be monsters, kreig destroyed a paltoon with unknown means. Kireg is currently being hunted down and his location is unknown.
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