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~~~! Story of Sebbie !~~~
Sebbie{CoW}: Once upon a time there was a little Scout-deer.
Sebbie{CoW}: He had a bright nose.
Sebbie{CoW}: He went by the name HAPPY

Sebbie{CoW}: And then,
Sebbie{CoW}: Happy, was wearing PINK one day.
Sebbie{CoW}: His other midget friend, the bloody-skirt-head-warmer-teeth-pyro, Sebbie, saw this.
Sebbie{CoW}: And Happy would be her ♥♥♥♥♥ from then on, after she kept hitting him. Because Sebbie hates Pink.
Sebbie{CoW}: The end.

~~~! Randome Dark Souls ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ !~~~
Happyhour: you're so bad
Sin*Bro: U TOO
Sin*Bro: i was killing npc and you atack me
Happyhour: have to use hacks when you cant win
Sin*Bro: i rekt u before without them
Happyhour: and you still died when using them
Sin*Bro: u can only try harding and bs fishing
Happyhour: welcome to dark souls 1 m8
Sin*Bro: learn to play correctly
Happyhour: get used to it
Sin*Bro: need them to win
Sin*Bro: rly pathetic
Happyhour: its not as bad as how you had to use hacks
Sin*Bro: you're only a stupid
Happyhour: oof
Happyhour: i dont think that matters anymore now that you failed to kill me while using hacks
Sin*Bro: but without i rekt u
Happyhour: what
Sin*Bro: i bs u 2 times and i win
Sin*Bro: without cheats
Sin*Bro: learn to play man
Happyhour: well if you put it that way i beat you the first time while you chugged your estus
Sin*Bro: you atacked me while i was killing npcs
Happyhour: oof
Sin*Bro: and then with the forest hunter
Happyhour: he didnt even do anything but ok
Happyhour: that does not change how you still manage to die while using infinite hp hacks
Sin*Bro: that's doesn't change you're only a hsitty noob
Happyhour: "Hsitty noob"?
Happyhour: Whats that?
Sin*Bro: ♥♥♥♥♥♥*
Happyhour: oof
Happyhour: May i ask, what public table where you using?
Sin*Bro: no tables
Happyhour: sure
Happyhour: "no tables"
Sin*Bro: mine's not atable
Sin*Bro: a table*
Happyhour: then what is it?
Sin*Bro: skill
Happyhour: oh, so you used "skill" to get infinite hp?
Sin*Bro: yep
Happyhour: oh ok
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My name is DAZE ;) Feb 8 @ 2:35pm 
was looking through float database and I just wanted you to know I have the gamma doppler phase 2 Karambit you owned years ago, idk I thought it was kinda cool bye!
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hello mate, can you send me friend request? I have something for you
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hi mate, can you add me? just for a quick chat
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