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One shall not fear what is yet to be discovered.
Please do not add me randomly make sure I know you, or that you are at least gonna talk to me.
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To see a fraction of my work go there : https://github.com/Earu
using System;

namespace Arcane
     class Dragon

         string _Name;
         string _Gender;
         string _Age;

         public Derg
            this._Name = "Earu" ;
            this._Gender = "Male" ;
            this._Age = "Unknown";

         public void DoRawr()
              Console.WriteLine( "Rawrrrrrr!!" );

     class Program
         static void Main( string[] args)
            Derg Earu = new Derg();


For new people!

Hello stanger! My name is Earu, and that's how I would like you to call me ! I am not a huge fan of silly names !

I am a programmer! Currently learning and developing in an engineering school !!

I tend to be very friendly with people that are as well friendly! But if you're a memer be aware that I will fight back with even more silly memes!

If you need any help with GMod or if you just want to vent you can talk to me, I always try my best to help people ! ( don't beg for stuff tho D:< )

I'm not up to be in any relationships with anyone, all the previous ones were failure so don't expect me to be anything more than a friend with you.

Contact me

Feel free to add me as friend as long as you're not looking to do anything harmful !
About messaging me I tend to be very unresponsive on steam, i'm most of the time focused on something else, so yeah i'm not ignoring you !
(But please do post a reason of why you're adding me o o)

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+rep fast and fair trader.. >NO< scam ! rep+++
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+rep fast and fair trader.. >NO< scam ! rep+++
Ŧinch Jr. Jul 9 @ 6:02am 
Reason: Probably because I remember you on meta?
KoalaBear Jul 9 @ 12:44am 
Good respond time
Earu Jul 8 @ 4:00pm 
I dunno :o