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Information You May (or not) Care About
Global Stuff:

:SBmm: Name: Earu (duh...)
:SBmm: Age: Let's say I'm past the teenager years.
:SBmm: Gender: The one starting with the letter M.
:SBmm: Languages: English, French and Spanish (somewhat).
:SBmm: Personality: INTP [www.16personalities.com]
:SBmm: Interests: computer science, physics, biology, mentalism, self-understanding.
Well anything science related that is not boring really...
:SBmm: Hobbies: programming, music (listening and playing), anime, comics and ... more programming I guess.

- I don't really use Steam so it would be interesting for you and me if you asked for my discord tag.
- I tend to accept anyone as friend, but if you don't even say "hello" once don't be surprised to be removed.
- Yeah, I'm an asshole, I know, they know, you know, it gets repetitive.

Favorite All Time Vidya Games:

:SBmm: FF 7 and FF7: Crisis Core
:SBmm: FF X and X-2
:SBmm: Ori and the Blind Forest
:SBmm: Devil May Cry 4
:SBmm: Shadow the Hedgehog (Yes, for real, edgy right?)
:SBmm: Nier: Automata


:SBmm: CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x
:SBmm: GPU: GTX 1080
:SBmm: RAM: 16GB
:SBmm: PSU: Corsair RM750i
:SBmm: Drives: 1 x 256GB SSD + 2 x 1TB HDD
:SBmm: Monitors:
- Predator XB1 27" IPS OC 150Hz 1440p
- HP 27EA 27" IPS 60Hz 1080p


:SBmm: Can you code something for me? No, too many people ask me and my real friends don't ask this kind of stuff.
:SBmm: Can you join my group / discord server? No, I have no interest in groups and I am in too many discord servers already.
:SBmm: Why are you always out of the loop? Pass, I could be stupid or you could ask me what my reasoning was, up to you really.
:SBmm: Can we trade? No, unless you want to gift me something...

Inspirational Stuff

:SBmm: Wishes and complaints hold no value, make it happen instead.
:SBmm: Humanity is inherently good.
:SBmm: Blame yourself, not the world.
:SBmm: If you want a special life, be special.
:SBmm: In the end, truth always win.

I hope that helped you learning more about me, have a nice day!
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