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Sinpie 11.3. kello 22.31 
That pic
✪ Blue 9.4.2018 kello 20.12 
Hey its Blue From the TritonRp Server. Just wanted to apologize for Banning you on accident. When were were in the sit and the Gun dealer killed you and beast, i went to the logs to copy his steam id but copied yours on accident. I unbanned you a little over an hour ago. Once again sorry about the false ban..
Davyxdavez 7.10.2017 kello 19.31 
im going to kill you dim wit, RUN
Davyxdavez 7.10.2017 kello 19.31 
bro run
Big Retard 5.6.2017 kello 8.18 
Prepare to be sieged
Shade 4.5.2017 kello 1.48 
obama doesnt like