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Apr 9 @ 6:27pm
In topic Voice Pack Identifiers
Originally posted by unpersn4:
There is a problem with my voice pack relating to "Identifiers" conflicting with other mods. Does anyone have any fixes?

You should rename your mod in the properties of Modbuddy and start using unique ModSafeName for your mods
You're gonna have to copy them from the workshop folder in the drive (if you use multiple drives) where XCom 2 is installed to the local mods folder:

Here's the paths to the game directories and the local mods folder:

<steam>/steamapps/common/XCom 2/XComGame/Mods
<steam>/steamapps/common/XCom 2/XCom2-WarOfTheChosen/XComGame/Mods

Alternatively, you can try to use AML to launch the game, but steam must be running either online or offline.
Yes for the most part. You can still use some vanilla mods for WotC though, but you can't use any vanilla mods with WotC (Before anyone says it, this was not a publisher decision but the way that Unreal Engine works).
Iridar is working on them as we speak:

If you want more info from the man himself or want to contribute some dosh towards him, here's his patreon page:

With that said, once that mod releases, I'll release the real life rocket launcher mod, whatever that name will become.
Showing 1-20 of 850 entries