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Here are the rules before adding me:

✅ Leave a comment WHY you add me. (and not like:"I like your Profile" That is not a reason. It's a fact. ^^' I will decline you to 100% if you just add me without giving a reason, or when it's something stupid. Like:"nya" etc. Understood?)
✅ If you have bans on your Profile.
✅ If you chat me first. I don't like to start the conversation. Sorry. :/
✅ Be nice to me and i'm nice to you.
✅ Your level doesn't affect anything.
❌ I don't accept you if your profile is private. (unless you explain me why.)
❌ Don't add me if you are a high level collector... -.-
❌ Don't spam me if I not respond in seconds. So please wait for my answer. Thank you.
❌ If you insult me, I'll block you. If you don't want to be blocked just follow the rules, alright?

My Profile, my rules.
Don't forget that i wont start the conversation first. It has to do with my past.
Also if you are starting being rude to me i will block you instantly.

If you don't like my rules just remove me or don't even add me, okay?
Q&A - here i will answer Questions what people ask me most of the time uwu

1: Q: Why is your name DylanArchangel
A: I'll explain it here. Pastebin []

2: Do you make your artworks?
A: No. People make them for me. If you want to know who made my current artwork just ask me.

3. Q: Do you make your profile pics? If yes, how do you edit them?
A: My profile pictures are either found or gifted to me. Or I buy them from artists.

4. Q: What kind of music do you listen to and what is your favorite?
A: I listen to anything listed in my bio which you can find below.

5. Q: Who did your art?
- Trovial
- Lost

If something is unclear just ask me.
Don't correct me in things, if you can understand me then there is no need to do this right? and no one likes that xD
Artwork Showcase
Tali Zorah by Lost V2
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Destiny 2
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Atlas | Uprising - Public Group
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