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yeah, i main demoknight
bawb. : DAsh > Mantreads

12:39 PM - Sneakaye: horny mind is healthy mind

*DEAD* [Edgy MemeLord] nightmare. : why are you still trial mod dash
*DEAD* [Edgy MemeLord] nightmare. : lmao
*DEAD* [Edgy MemeLord] nightmare. : what sort of trial process do they have here
[GaYmEr][Trial-Mod] ⑨ DAsh ツ : because i have to do an app to get mod
[GaYmEr][Trial-Mod] ⑨ DAsh ツ : you should know this because you made 2 already
[Edgy MemeLord] nightmare. : ok man..

Where's That Damn Fourth Chaos Emerald

*DEAD* Beans : dash has dashed off to hell F

It's just like a water balloon throw it too hard at the ground and it stops working -mort

It could be anything, but also nothing. Everything comes from here, and everything goes in here. The only thing you need to know, is that there's nothing you need to know. After all, there is no point knowing something that you don't need to know, unless that point is to actually know. Now everything makes sense, forever.

road roller da
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a tiny tiny clever commander
- leave a comment on why you are adding me do NOT leave +rep (some random funny text) say an actual reason.
- if your only adding me because i'm in the same country as you i will NOT accept, you clearly don't understand what a friend list is meant for.
- non of my items are for sale so dont add me for that either, unless i put the item up on backpack.tf then you can add me and try to under pay me to s.h.i.t and sell it at a higher price negotiate the price.
- if you came from modworkshop there's a very good chance i won't accept either since i don't need more people to talk to.

its not about winning
its about sending a message

Profile: https://osu.ppy.sh/users/6077698
sens: 1.87
Mouse: Logitech G305 , DPI 1000 (i mostly play osu!mania now)

Speedruns [www.speedrun.com]
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ay, vsh map i made. the map is based off "Reveine" from the game Perfect Dark. there are easter eggs and end of round events related to touhou

if there's any issue's with the map leave a message on my profile or leave a comment here do NOT fix it yourse
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no way!!! how about you suck my c o c k scammer
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-rep just realised you lost the unusual I gave you