100%OJ: Andweuh, TFM: Duwahkeen#1738   Norway
"Happy New year, you fucking pyro main." - Alex
Duwahkeen♡ has found: The Team Captain

A friendly reminder to let you know you're priceless, not worthless. :rabu:

rogier : wow, who actually caps the cart in highlander?

*DEAD* one man army : fucking duwahkeen w his gf

anian : Duwahkeen the plat player
anian : rekting those scrubs
anian : till this day
lelop : things only 40s kids understand

*DEAD* anian : the greatest
*DEAD* lelop : duwa kys
*DEAD* anian : pyro
*DEAD* Duwahkeen♡ : ahahaha
*DEAD* anian : knows to use shotgun
*DEAD* anian : not this flare gun crap
*DEAD* anian : <3

We gay : veb is aimbot there
We gay : cheating
Vebrand : WTF
SPYCRAB : pls kick we gay
Cookie_ : kick him:)
RunUpCrust : lol
SPYCRAB : he is a toxic cancer
RunUpCrust : Vebrand
We gay : kick him
(TEAM) Duwahkeen♡ : lmao sure kick me
RunUpCrust : not even aimbot
RunUpCrust : haha
Lobby updated
Vebrand : WHY
RunUpCrust : pregame niggas am I right
(TEAM) lelop : dont kick the good pyro main
Disconnect: " #TF_Vote_kicked.

...feelight... : sure, they gaytard with the flashy shit coming from above

(TEAM) BombDoge : duwakheen i hate you
(TEAM) BombDoge : i threw my jarate 4 times on you because i though you were on fire

*DEAD* >The Letter 7< : yea that pyro is hacking lol
*DEAD* Duwahkeen♡ : fucking lmao
mah : NO
mah : HE IS NOT

SmithSound : ngl that set looks awesome

SaltyCrab★|RemoveRandomCrits : binds are not allowed

Mumbling Pocket : haha that was a very cringe comment,kys.

Frozen Crystal : pyro tell me how?
*DEAD* Frozen Crystal : how do you understand that i'm spy?
*DEAD* Frozen Crystal : tell me pls
*DEAD* Duwahkeen♡ : secret
*DEAD* Frozen Crystal : TELL ME

*DEAD* mutlugamer11 : good m+w1 noobs skils
mutlugamer11 : m+w1

*DEAD* Nitro : kys retard

*DEAD* Dawid : 200IQ PYRO

*DEAD* 𝒦𝒶𝓃𝓃𝒶 ❤ : bye tryhard begar

Uncle Spam : duwa, dude, that was fuckin' SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET

Kristo : the first person that kill the GOD LIKE PYRO DUWAKHEEN
Saucypickle : i will give a ref
Kristo : gets hat

Tomo : big butt


*DEAD* Good boy : nice wallhacks
Good boy : big bullshit

*DEAD* TT : duwahkeen get cancer pls

*DEAD* ♥ KIWI♥ : duwahkeen kys
DowN_TowN : report duwankee

Massive fucking trout : pyro ill suck your dick for 30$

20:07 - Jen and Berries™: remember andrea.
20:07 - Jen and Berries™: Being a best friend for 5 years = blackmailing
ー═┻┳︻▄ξ(✿ ❛‿❛)ξ▄︻┳┻═一

What you need to know about me is that:
:onibat: - I have a very troubled past, and I dislike bringing it up. Please do not ask about it.
:reheart: - I cherish some people higher than others due to the fact that they have
been there for me through thick and thin.
:dd_denied: - I am not willing to invest my feelings into anyone at all.
Piss off.
:gameover: - I'm very moody so if I seem pissed off/cold, you'd best leave me alone
unless you're told otherwise.
:commandervideo: - INFP-T "The Mediator" personality type.


I swear I'm not a weeb. :aos2iru::aos2kyoko::aos2nanako::aos2kae::aos2saki::aos2sham::aos2sora::aos2tsih::aos2sumika::sora::alte::mira::tsih::nath::sham::sb::hime::suguri::xnico::xnatsumi::xmei::xkiriko::xaru::yuki::qp::kae::kai::poppo:
I don't reply to one-word sentences.
:slimetabby: Name: Andrea.
:slimehappy: Age: 21.
:slimeamazed: Country: Norway.
:slimehungry: Birthday: 28th of Jan.
:slimescared: I have to put this here; I don't RP.
:crate: Team Fortress 2

Main class: Pyro.:magicflame:
Other classes: : Medic:bittripcore:, Soldier, Demoknight :sticky:, Sniper :dd_target: (as a joke, mind you)
Other things: I don't really play that much anymore, but when I do I'd most likely want to play casual/dodgeball, seeing as hightower has bored me immensely.

:100oj: 100% Orange Juice

Main characters: Tomomo (Casual/Sweet Eater), Tsih :aos2tsih:, Sora :aos2sora:
Other things: I typically play any and all characters, even though I hate to play as some.
I only really play this now to grind for stuff. If you have it, or found me through it, hit me up some day, I'll be more than happy to play.

:cheez: Transformice

Main game mode: Survivor.
Main server: EN2
If you need to know anything else, DM me.
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just showing off the last bit of my collection
+rep aimbot like sniper, gg
Reerkie 🦇 Sep 3 @ 4:55pm 
obviously hates me :(
Reerkie 🦇 Aug 31 @ 8:39am 
I want to kill you in the tf2
Reerkie 🦇 Aug 20 @ 3:14pm 
Hello there. Now hold on, yeah I know I may be low level but, I usually just use steam to chat or play so I don’t really know to to level up <~>
I’d still like to get the chance to talk to you :3 since you seem like a kinda person :3 hope to see you soon ^w^ <3 (friend love <w>)
>sowwy Aug 18 @ 7:54am 
SadNiggaHours Aug 13 @ 1:37pm