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Another Bug Hunt In The Red Solstice
The GAR sang it's sweet tune as more horrors arose from the ground. The Full Metal Jacket rounds pierced the creatures, and one by one they fell. The marine knew he only delayed the inevitable as he reloaded his GAR with his duel mag. Only moments ago, their were five marines, but now only one stood. Quickly the marine dashed down the street. Creatures of the dark bursting through doorways and arriving from darken alleys. The GAR was spitting out rounds, filling the air with pure metal death. However, every time the rounds ripped apart a creature, only more showed up. Other then the GAR, the only sound that could be heard was the wind, or, better yet, maybe it was the howls of these ungodly creatures.

The marine continued down the road, hoping the bunker would still have power. He knew he was close, but what was he close to? Was he nearing salvation, or was he running head first into his own grave. The last order the marine had gotten was to secure the bunker east of his teams location. There they would find Bravo team, and what was left of the civilian population. From their, they would call EVAC, and escape this hellish nightmare. However, the marine had this dark thought, that he might not make it in time. The mission was already a failure. The team was to evacuate the populace, but how could they. The streets were filled with bodies, and these horrors of the night. Someone in his squad speculated that the reason they hardly found anyone alive, was due to the fact that these...creatures were actually the colonist. It was almost laughable, but that would explain why two-thirds of the population is missing without a trace.

The rattling of the sentry guns broke the marines thinking. He could see up ahead that the bunker had some power. Some dog like creature was trying to break through the line, but the turrets made short work of it. The marine ran past the turrets, and entered the bunker. The corridor was filled with makeshift barricades. The marine had caught a faint smell of blood, gunpowder and burning corpses in the hallway. The red emergency lighting was on, with the yellow hazard lights flashing at every intersection. The marine continued down the corridor, stepping over bodies and debris. Up ahead he saw a dead marine face down in his own intestines. The faint blue glow of his suit added little light to more detail of him. The marine walked over to him, and ripped his dogtags off and continued onto the control room.

As the marine reached the doorway to the control room, he heard clattering behind him. He turned around and saw the creatures advancing towards him. The marine leveled his rifle and opened up. The muzzle flash produced more lighting in the darken corridor. As the rounds hit the targets, they showed no signs of stopping. The creatures simply stepped over the bodies of their fallen comrades. Their claws damaged the floor with each step. The marine walked backwards, still firing his Gar. Once he entered he slammed his fist into the door controls. However to his dismay, they did not shut. He kept hitting the button, but it was no use. The ammo counter on his GAR started buzzing, stated it was out of ammo. The marine threw it at the creatures in the hallway, and drew his shotgun. The creatures were mere feet from him when he got shoved to the side, and then the hallway was turned into a blazing inferno. The creatures screams were ear shattering, the flames had halted them as their eyes fizzled and popped due to the intense heat. Their skin slowly left their bodies and metaled onto the ground until only bones and burnt flesh lay to rest. The hellfire backed off and grabbed the doors bottom, and forced it down to a closed position.

The marine looked up and stared at his savor. The hellfire was torn up badly. Holes were all over his armor, and missing plates dotted his left leg. His right leg was missing all the armor, and the marine could make out bandages stained in blood. The hellfire extended his hand and helped the marine to his feet. The hellfire nodded and walked away towards the doors to the helipad which were on the other side of the room. The marine took a quick glance around and saw more Bravo team marines, however unlike the hellfire, they were dead. One of the dead members looked as if he was turning into a creature of the dark, but that couldn't be right. The rest of the room was damaged severely. Monitors were broken, along with the consoles. Some of the creatures bodies lay on the floor. In the far right corner was a mess of wires and floor supports. One could assume the creatures broke through from the roof. The windows in the room were either shattered or cracked. It didn't matter though since the blast shields were down, preventing the creatures from getting access.

A light hissing sound came from the other side as the hellfire walked out. The marine proceeded to fallow, until a lone lit console caught his eye. The marine stared hard at the screen with his busted helmet. The words 'EVAC unavailable' flashed on the screen, and under that was a timer counting down. The counter was at three minutes, and slowly going down. The marine walked past the console to meet the hellfire. As the marine walked out of the room he saw the hellfire standing in the middle of the pad. The helipad had parts of it missing, which looked damaged from explosives. Part of the chain fence was gone, and the tail of a wrecked dropship replaced the fencing link, the dropship was still burning. Bodies were all over the place, however most were civilians and colonial defense forces. The marine humored at the thought that if even the marines could not beat this STROL outbreak, then how could the colonial militia?

The gusting wind was replaced by the low sound of music. The marine traced the area to figure out where the music was coming from. A dead recon was laying three feet from the hellfire. Music was playing softly, the tune sounded of space rock. The marine started to walk over when a thunderous sound filled the air. The hellfire slowly turned his head to look west. The marine followed suite, only to regret it. Multiple dropships were taking off in the distance. However what caught the marines attention was a hulking demon the size of four story building advancing to them. It didn't matter however. The music was now blaring a heavy guitar solo when the night turned into day. The hellfire started laughing uncontrollably. The enormous dust cloud in the distance was quickly approaching the duo. The marines skin started to burn, even through the suit. All the warning buzzers started flashing red on his hud. The marine threw off his helmet and took out his last cigar. As he put it in his mouth, the cigar lit itself due to the intense heat. The marine started laughing too, as him and the hellfire both flipped the bird towards the hellspawn. Then their was nothing, but the sound of the gusting wind, and the smell of burning bodies.
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