Mans zelts ir mana tauta, mans gods ir viņas gods!
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"Family values are to be protected, held up, and said family must be improved, because healthy families create healthy societies." - Kārlis Ulmanis

"No honest jew was slaughtered by the Latvians or Germans." - Herberts Cukurs

"In a Latvian Latvia the question of minorities will not exist. ... This means that once and for all we renounce unreservedly bourgeois-liberal prejudice on the national question, we renounce historical, humanistic, or other constraints in pursuit of our one true aim—the good of the Latvian nation. Our God, our belief, our life's meaning, our goal is the Latvian nation: whoever is against its welfare is our enemy. ...
We assume that the only place in the world where Latvians can settle is Latvia. Other peoples have their own countries. ...
In one word—in a Latvian Latvia there will only be Latvians." - Gustavs Celmiņš

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could you accept my friend request its for a g00d thingy
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+rep Very kind, Tā turpinat:steamhappy:
how are you
Nicky boy Jul 12 @ 10:24am 
Tu esi students? Papīri ir?
♥♓VicVale46♓Navi_Girl Jul 11 @ 3:57am