Steven Legere   Estonia
That's how they get ya. They're under the goddamned ground.
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The Cuboid
Computer - Ryzen 5 3970X
Grafx - RX 5700 XT 8GB
Dedicated - 43 GB DDR4
Manager - Debian Sid (amd64)
Secret Stash - 256 GB SSD & 5 TB in HDDs

In the booth - AT2020
AUX Controller - Behringer UM2
AUX Cord - Beyerdynamic DT 770 i
Home Defense - IBM Model M
Rat - Finalmouse 2016 Ergo
Discount Steering Wheel(s) - Steam Controller/Xbox 360 Wired Controller

Website? []
Lunch like a straight gangster
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haha funny dog eat a pepsi - Nyilvános csoport
haha funny dog eat a pepsi
laika márc. 27., 16:53 
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laika jan. 18., 6:12 
i was showering earlier today and after i was done i walked out of the bathroom naked cuz idgaf. then i ran into my dad and he looked at my d**k and he looked upset. then he said "i see you still haven't grown much down there, i wonder if we need to see the doctor. no son of mine should have a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ that small."then i just got mad and ran off to my room. seriously wtf, im 13 can he give me a break ??? im so annoyed about it.

i hate my parents so much..
Devon jan. 7., 19:57 
you look like a chill person to play games with, sent a friend request.
Rat 2019. dec. 13., 8:21 
laika 2019. nov. 2., 20:43 
Like if you're watching this in 2015.
laika 2019. okt. 30., 2:46 
:_pumpkin_: TWIST MY STEM :_pumpkin_: SLAP MY BUTT :_pumpkin_: MAKE ME YOUR :_pumpkin_: PUMPKIN ♥♥♥♥ :_pumpkin_: EAT MY SEED :_pumpkin_: EAT MY PIE :_pumpkin_: JUST DON'T FINISH :_pumpkin_:IN MY EYE :_pumpkin_:♥♥♥♥ :_pumpkin_: MY :_pumpkin_: BIG :_pumpkin_: FAT :_pumpkin_: PUMPKIN :_pumpkin_: ♥♥♥ :_pumpkin_: DADDY'S GOURD LOOKS OH SO YUMMY :_pumpkin_:SHOOT YOUR GOO AND FILL MY TUMMY! :_pumpkin_: