:8bitheart: It's okay I only want to end it. :8bitheart:

"My wish is for all Children to be loved."

ահყ ժօ ﻨ รէﻨll էгყ
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Things about me
:8bitheart:Long about me:8bitheart:
(I'll write it when I can be bothered)
:8bitheart: Short About Me :8bitheart:
:8bitheart::8bitheart:Ethnicity: Sweden:8bitheart::8bitheart:
:8bitheart::8bitheart:Languages: English,Swedish:8bitheart::8bitheart:
:8bitheart::8bitheart:Age: ? You can find out some time I guess:8bitheart::8bitheart:
:8bitheart::8bitheart:Gender: Do you really want to know >.<:8bitheart::8bitheart:
:8bitheart::8bitheart:Sexuality: Ask o.o:8bitheart::8bitheart:
:8bitheart::8bitheart:Height: I am very small:8bitheart::8bitheart:
:8bitheart::8bitheart:Weight: Why would you even want to know:8bitheart::8bitheart:
:8bitheart::8bitheart:Hobbies: Anime,Anime,Anime,Games,:8bitheart::8bitheart:

:8bitheart: Some other things :8bitheart:

:8bitheart::8bitheart::8bitheart: Games I like to play: :8bitheart::8bitheart::8bitheart:
:8bitheart:Garrys mod:8bitheart:
:8bitheart:Senran Kagura:8bitheart:
:8bitheart:For Honor [ Though I hate it at the same time]:8bitheart:
:8bitheart:League Of Legends(Ask me for my name if you want to play):8bitheart:
:8bitheart:and more things but you know ask and I might play some others:8bitheart:

:8bitheart: Likes :8bitheart:
:8bitheart:Cat Girls:8bitheart:
:8bitheart:Cat Girls:8bitheart:
:8bitheart:Cat Girls:8bitheart:
:8bitheart:Cat Girls:8bitheart:
:8bitheart:Monster Girls:8bitheart:
:8bitheart:You (Probably):8bitheart:

:8bitheart: Dislikes :8bitheart:
:8bitheart:Megumin :8bitheart:
:8bitheart:People who whine:8bitheart:

:8bitheart:People I Love:8bitheart:

:8bitheart:People I like:8bitheart:
:8bitheart: This isn't in order so shush :8bitheart:
:8bitheart:Taylor(Coochie God):8bitheart:
:8bitheart:Ask me if you want to be added and I will see:8bitheart:

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okay guys this is epic
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That is so uncool you're not an ebic gamer
FBI Sep 21 @ 2:48am 
Rawr x3 nuzzles how are you pounces on you you're so warm o3o notices you have a bulge o: someone's happy :wink: nuzzles your necky wecky~ murr~ hehehe rubbies your bulgy wolgy you're so big :oooo rubbies more on your bulgy wolgy it doesn't stop growing ·///· kisses you and lickies your necky daddy likies (; nuzzles wuzzles I hope daddy really likes $: wiggles butt and squirms I want to see your big daddy meat~ wiggles butt I have a little itch o3o wags tail can you please get my itch~ puts paws on your chest nyea~ its a seven inch itch rubs your chest can you help me pwease squirms pwetty pwease sad face I need to be punished runs paws down your chest and bites lip like I need to be punished really good~ paws on your bulge as I lick my lips I'm getting thirsty.