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I live in Russia. :lunar2019shockedpig: Timezone: UTC+04. Languages: Russian and English.
Please, read my "Info" and "Items Up For Trade" boxes below, before you do anything with me. Each trade with you helps me to survive in this mad, wild, savage & bydlo country. Thanks you all.
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:impressive: For any trades, please, use my Trade Offer Link , this is the best way to trade with me. I will see your offer earlier than your invite, personal message or comment in my profile. I will not reacting on any trade invites. Reasonable tradebacks are possible, but not guaranteed.

:impressive: It is impossible to describe the conditions for all trades and offers, because I selling and buying a huge variety of items. Therefore, I do not see anything wrong in that you will offer me any trades through trade offers. Do not be afraid to do this, in the worst case I just ignore your offer.

:impressive: I do not have any else trading/gaming/discussion/alt accounts, only this one! Be careful, there is many impersonators of me, thousands of them! Check carefully, who you are dealing with. My real steam profile is easy to find - just look for the top donators [] on I am there in about 9th place.
I do not talk about trade in social networks, instant messengers and similar things. To contact me, use only this Steam account. Everything else belongs to scammers. I will never ever ask you to click on the web links!

At this moment in terms of the trade I'm interested in the following:

:impressive: I'm selling 700+ TF2 items, check my listings if you interested! I consider any items, I care only about worth. I'm not do any discounts for my items with spells.
:impressive: WARNING : I will sell only those items from my backpack that are listed for sale on my listings!
:impressive: I'm ready (but I can't promise) to buy any Quick Sells in price range at 1-60 keys. Possible, I can beat any quickbuying bots.
:impressive: If you trying to buy or sell me any items with summary value more than 15 keys, then I need some time to process Background Checks []. It's need to avoid scammers.

:impressive: So, I will be very happy if you do or check the following things in advance:
- You are not a scammer
- Make sure that your backpack is not private.
- Check the accessibility of the history of your items on
- Send me trade offer.
- You will give me some time to process it. Usually, I need a time from 3 to 30 minutes for accept your offer. And up to 12 hours maximum, if I doing a rest.
Info box:
:impressive: I'm on Top Spell Collectors []
:impressive: My WoT [] account 🚜
:impressive: My Discord - Impressive#9344
:impressive: VK -

:impressive: Last updade in Steam broke friends management system, so, I'm not accept any random friend invites anymore. If you want to follow me - join my group

:impressive: If you want to trade with me, you only need to use trade offers . Do not use "Trade invites". I'm simple man, when I see: a good offer - accepting it; not a good offer - ignoring.

:impressive: Please be so kind, save our time. On messages like "hello", "how are you?", "Are you there?" - I DO NOT RESPOND! To attract my attention when addressing me, state clearly and directly say what you need. Immediately write the name of the items, your price, the essence of the trade/question. The items should be visible in your inventory. If there is no items about you talking - no conversation.

:impressive: My PC is online 24/7, but that does not mean that I'm always behind it. As time will come, I will give attention to you. I spend a lot of time with remote control, and at this moments it is not convenient for me to answer questions.

:impressive: I "play" in TF2 only on the russian trade servers. Please, do not invite me to play with you.

What exactly I do not do:
:impressive: I do not advise on prices and trades. I do not "learn to trade", etc.
:impressive: I do not help scammers and do not trade with them!
:impressive: I do not trade for real money, and do not trading on steam community market.
:impressive: I do not buy ANY of your TF2 items. I will buy only quicksells (discounted) items, for my pure keys / metal. If you want to sell me something - send a trade offer and I'll consider it.
:impressive: I'm not responsible for the reputation of people in my friend list!
:impressive: I do not give anything for free. Never ask for free items! Reservation for beggars and freeloaders is here -
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Impressive [⇄] offers May 15 @ 10:38am 
In order to protect you from scammers (to oppose the impersonators), I decided to turn off the comments on my wall. In order to send me a message, exchange and bargain with me is quite enough to use "trade offers". If for some reason this is not enough, you can in extreme cases use Discord - "Impressive#9344" or "" for communication with me. ONLY IN EXTREME CASES! :impressive:
Impressive [⇄] offers May 15 @ 10:35am 
Для того чтобы обезопасить вас от скамеров (противодействовать имперсонаторам), я принял решение отключить комментарии на моей стене. Для того чтобы отправить мне сообщение, обмениваться и торговаться со мной вполне достаточно предложений обмена. Если по каким либо причинам этого недостаточно, можете в крайних случаях использовать для общения со мной Discord - "Impressive#9344" или "" (ТОЛЬКО В КРАЙНИХ СЛУЧАЯХ!) :impressive:
denamo May 14 @ 8:07am 
спасибо, что стену закрыл
Sanders [S/B>Spells] May 14 @ 7:44am 
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