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Workshop Showcase
Meet Tavish J Klump!

He's the biggest Mann in Teufort!

Model - Drew
Texture - OverPovered
Rig - Ducksink
Concept - Tabby
Promo - HotPockette
Significant Feedback - Rabscootle, Greg
something - metabolic

14,795 ratings
Status - Pending, Created by - drew, Metabolic, Greg, Tabby, rabscootle, HotPockette, Ducksink, and OverPovered
Workshop Showcase
Added because I thought your workshop items are amazing, you play a good number of the games I do, and I wish to know the ways of Grandmaster Spiral Knights.
I'm L May 15 @ 11:54am 
Greetings, I decided to add you since I am currently learning how to make tf2 hats in blender and maybe you have some good tips and lots of knowledge of it since you seem proffesional in making tf2 hats. And you seem like a nice person
EDJE May 12 @ 10:22pm 
Hey man, just adding to chat with you about maybe working on an SFM project. I was on the team that made Leak, if you saw that.
drew May 12 @ 1:00am 
sure thing
Yakuza Merkitzi(Sleeping) May 12 @ 12:51am 
Hello there. i wanna ask if its okay that i can hex Gaelic Glutton for Gmod(And other items that has mod downloads too maybe)

Credits and link to item will be put in description
MTQ May 11 @ 9:19pm