- d r e a m i n g -   Tachikawa, Tokyo, Japan
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Cipy Acchi ♡: Nice pp
Cipy Acchi ♡: Ver big
my pp small: thanks babe
Cipy Acchi ♡: np dad
my pp small: eat it
Cipy Acchi ♡: no
my pp small: :(
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[KZ] nth is now #3 in the Drop-Bunnyhop Top 20! [339.310 units]
[KZ] nth is now #8 in the CountJump Top 20! [298.295 units]
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started kz'ing on 5th Jan 2019


PSU : CoolerMaster MasterWatt - 550
CPU : i5-7400
GPU : Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060
RAM : 8 GB
DISK(s) : 5 TB
Monitors : 2 (60 Hz)
VR Headset : Oculus Rift
Speakers : Alcatroz Surround Bass Speakers

Trust C.XT Microphone
X-Craft Pro NOIZ Z8000 Mouse
Razer Krait Mouse
Hyper X Mouse
SteelSeries Hyperbeast Mousepad
FanTech Desktop mousepad
Razer Cynosa Chroma
Logitech Romer-G Linear RGB keyboard


Drawing equipment

Wacom INTUOS Comic Art bundle
Clip Studio Paint
Faber-Castell Graphite Sketch Set
Faber-Castell 4 Pitt Artist Pen - Manga Black Set
Faber-Castell Colour Pencils - Classic Colour Palette , 36 colours
Sakura Pigma Micron Fine Line pen 0.1, 0.25, 0.5
Mechanical pencil

I'm new to drawing so don't expect much lol


Drawing with a mechanical pencil
Draw on A3,A4,A5,tissue paper
Draw anime characters
Draw with different shades of pencils
Draw with professional manga markers
Draw digitally
Use colours
Draw an original character
Create a speed drawing video
Create pixel art
Land in a Arts course
-Get good at human anatomy
-Draw tities
Draw hentai
-Draw backgrounds, landscape
-Draw abstract art
-Use paint
Create an animation
-Draw a full piece with background

Checklist to be continued

Games I play

League of Legends - I only play support, I will end you if you take my role
OSU - 158k Rank (global)
Destiny 2 - I'm a free to play player
Casual indie games

IRL Sports,Games I play


Anime stuff

Way too many to list

Offical Merch that I have

Rimuru 1/8 Figure (Ten-Sura)
Rimuru Slime-form 1/8 Figure (Ten-Sura)
Ram and Rem bodypillow
Emilia pillow
Re:Zero poker cards
Emilia File
ZeroTwo keychain
ZeroTwo and Platelet Sticker
Platelet Keychain
Sasuke,Naruto,Sakura,Obito keychain
Azur lane Kaga Keychain
Azur lane Akagi Keychain
Kuroko no Basket Poster
Kuroko no Basket File
GGO Sinon,Asuna keychain
SAO Alicization Young Alice Figurine 1/8
SAO Alicization Alice bride Figurine 1/8
SAO Ordinal Scale Bag,Wristband,Poster,Cup,Kirito and Asuna Keychain
Assorted Boku no Hero Academia pins
Volume 1-7 No Game No Life Light Novel, Yen Press (SOLD)

I've been to C3AFA17 , C3AFA18 and the motherland Japan

Filthy degenerates who I call friends

itsmuffin (wall and aim hacker)
Asieste (how 2 movement)
Kit Kat ( more like I got banned for hacking)
Roasty (thx for bodypillow and knife)


- Dreamoe#9147

Feel free to add me for some hentai

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chiken csgoempire.com Jan 7 @ 10:24pm 
signed by best kzer europe
nth Jul 19, 2018 @ 6:45am 
く__,.ヘヽ.    / ,ー、 〉
     \ ', !-─‐-i / /´
      /`ー'    L//`ヽ、
     /  /,  /|  ,  ,    ',
   イ  / /-‐/ i L_ ハ ヽ!  i
    レ ヘ 7イ`ト  レ'ァ-ト、!ハ|  |
     !,/7 '0'   ´0iソ|   |   
     |.从"  _   ,,,, / |./   |
     レ'| i>.、,,__ _,.イ /  .i  |
      レ'| | / k_7_/レ'ヽ, ハ. |
       | |/i 〈|/  i ,.ヘ | i |
      .|/ / i:   ヘ!  \ |
        kヽ>、ハ   _,.ヘ、   /、!
       !'〈//`T´', \ `'7'ーr'
         ト-,/ |___./
         'ー'  !_,.:
moofin Dec 11, 2017 @ 11:09am 
+rep great artwork :DD
Roasty❄ Oct 30, 2017 @ 6:11am 
what a ♥♥♥♥♥♥