Drakon   Dallas, Oregon, United States
Admin for Southern Cross Gaming's TF2 Servers. Send IMs if you need help.
-Awake 8a-11p Pacific; College Student, Currently not available 10a-2p Pacific Monday thru Thursday.
-On Discord with the other admins, so if I can't help you, I can throw them a message to see if they can.

Yes, I have a bunch of vintage items in my TF2 invetory, including some of the discontinued early-TF2 hats (Hustler's Halmark, Soldier's Stash, etc). Short of an offering of a strange gunslinger, the best I'll do is humor listening to what is being offered to me for it; you probably won't get them.

Names you might know me as:
Drakon Lameth, Solitary Performance, Ulhartiki, Dusk Sparkle, Ponydrone #15
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*glomp* Hiya ^_^
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Have a very Furry Christmas!