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I have 600 - 700 steam keys but I can't put it here because its to big so I pasted it here

About Me I have scoliosis (which has been getting better recently), uneven ribcage and a pain disorder (Sensory Overload) also having a major depression doesn't help any of this. I'm at home alot because of this and so I'm usually just playing whatever.

I usually keep to myself but feel free to add me

Will put more here soon when I can be bothered, sorry !
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Are you playing Psychonauts with a Gamepad and tired of guessing which keyboard controls correspond to each button? Fear not, simply use PsychoPad and replace all the on-screen button prompts from Keyboard and Mouse controls to Xbox Gamepad buttons.
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As it stands "Audiosurf 2" is my favorite music game of all time. I hate how people are saying this game is "limited" it's not at all , there's plenty of game modes and skins to mix and make a different experience. Why do you like it ? I like it because the beatmap it generates is as close to the song as it gets to music generating games based off your own music. Its got all the classic game modes but alot more (also community made ones) but my favorite by far is "Ninja" it's the best game mode if you wanna improve your "Audiosurf" skills (but what about the community made modes like "Mono Turbo ++") no official game modes only for me because that's where everyones at , don't get me wrong I love the other community made game modes but I wanna verse people not be alone on a score board.

The Graphics are alot flashier depending on what skin you use (My fav is the "Simple Colors" skin by far the best community made skin at the moment). Let's talk about the "Menu" people say its not clean *facepalm* what do you want , it does what it needs to do it looks completely fine , clean and works like a charm.

*clears throat* Well we cant really talk about "Sound" can we because it depends what music you listen too , hold on a second the "Sound Effects" ah right well the sound effects seem to be the same as the first "Audiosurf - Chimes" sfx. Unfortunately you can choose other sfx like the first one , you only get the option to turn it down and up (Ah well they annoyed me sometimes)

Overall the "Audiosurf" experience is there just more open and I love it.


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The Man Clearly Has A Discount Detector Built Into His Brain
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Mr. D, you won my Feral Fury live stream giveaway!! Key sent via PM. GRATZ!
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most games ever owned that ive known of his key list hurt my eyes and that was just the sorted list 5100+ games +REP for hoarding ahaha
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