DragonGaming-Dragon'sBuilds   Georgia, United States
Dragon Gaming is an community that I started from my love to play games and get the word out to help and support other in their quest to make there dreams come true in life of being full time gamers and content creators!
I am an aspiring Youtuber, Twitch Streamer, and story writer that enjoys making Let's plays videos,and building architecturally amazing builds to show off moders hard work in the game ARK: Survival Evolved. My ultimate dream is to be able to support others and become an Arkitect for Wildcard's Build Team and get to do what I am so Passionate about full time. Supporting others and building is so deeply important to me in life that i put every waking moment into it, and because of this deep passion Dragon’s Builds came alive it lets me help people out that just don’t have time to stop working on there mod’s, Role Playing, or even their maps to build an amazing build to show off their hours of hard work. http://dragonsbuilds.com/
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