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Posted: May 9, 2016 @ 7:47pm
Updated: Jan 23 @ 6:21pm

This MMO came outta nowhere

TL:DR Yes it's good and fun. If you're still on the fence about getting this game I recomend it purly due to how well the mechanics are laid out and strealined.

Your first toon grind up to 50 and CP160 will suck and it will take a long time, but your next toon will take signiffacantly less time to level, granted you have training gear and EXP pots (Which can be obtained in game) but the current speed run for getting a toon leveled to 50 is 2 hours minimum.

Class system:
5 Classes with the current Morrowind Expantion, but each class has 4 meta builds for PvE. It's very heavy on "play-how-you-want" and with a few gear, morph, and CP swaps, you can go from DPS to tank easy.

PvE Experence:
Difficult but fair. Since it's a very action orenented game, you'll find it easy to die if you're not paying attention. Most attacks can be avoided though/mechanics are easy to understand once you get the hang of the combat. If you want to try out harder PvE content, use an ESO plus sub and use the free crowns you get to perma-puy the DLC.

PvP Experence:
Also Difficult, and used to not be fair due to one spesific add-on. (DODGE NOW!)
PvP has had very significant improvements thanks to the Dragon Bones update, and now I fully recomend it. Add-Ons will not allow you to get an advantage in Cyrodill/Battlegrounds over others, and most classes are balenced for PvP as best as possible. If you're going to invest in PvP, make sure to get Any Race Any Alliance though.

-No Auction House but the Guild Store system gives the game a unique economy.
-Some of the Crown Stuff is unresanably priced.
-The BiS Crafted gear is locked behind DLC but you can pay someone else to craft it for you
-Flavor-Of-The-Month exists in the late game, but that's the nature of all MMOs
-Limited Skill bar but your skills do multiple things at once.
-Races locked to Alliances but this only matters in Cyrodill PvP
-PvP skills needed for PvE but zerging in Cyro and pubing in BG gives you decent EXP for said lines.
-It's not a traditional TES game.

-Processer will bottleneck, like in all MMOs.
-Some Mainland areas suffer from poor design (SHADOWFEN)
-Early Armor suffers from poor design.
-Lore is a bit wonky.
-I'll add more to this when I can/find anything.
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firehyphen May 9, 2016 @ 9:56pm 
TriHard DONT TriHard MIND TriHard ME TriHard JUST TriHard BEING TriHard RACIST TriHard .
Et-syo Dec 3, 2015 @ 4:23pm 
Angry Joe has tunnel vision now-a-days with his reviews. Disheartening since he use to be a little more objective when reviewing and had to unsub him :/
Reddmond Dec 1, 2015 @ 7:44am 
He won't.
He never will.

He has his own page on ED. There might be a good reason for it.
STRMΛ Dec 1, 2015 @ 2:56am 
I wish he'd review the game now as the game has changed so much.