Draconem Deae
Hi, call me Deae!

:U >:U
Pfp by Bentry Suster!
Currently In-Game
Team Fortress 2
Please read!:

Not interested in trading/selling my backpack. See backpack.tf classifieds [backpack.tf] for exceptions. Also, see tags on my backpack ( please check my most recently updated bp, not the fallback! ) as while it won’t be listed, there are some stuff I'd be open to sell depending on how unreasonably high your offer is. If you do add me, be as specific as possible as to why in the comments or I’ll ignore/block. As a heads up, I am currently traveling so it may take longer than 24 hours to respond back. Thanks for understanding! LISTINGS MAY ALSO BE INACCURATE DUE TO BEING AWAY :)

Suspicious = instant block. Thanks! :steamthumbsup:

-I have a custom url (Draconem_Deae). NOT DraconemDeae or Draconem__Deae or etc.
-I have no alt accounts
-I don't discuss outside of Steam
-I don't conduct trades outside of the Steam window. No discord, no other messaging app, nothing
-I have no interest in buying inventories
-My profile picture is always my main oc. If it's not a dragon, it's not me!
-I have very little interest in cash trades, and I won't do them with randos
-I don't buy anything with crypto. I don't have any crypto
-I have no interest in other games' items besides TF2
-If it's not on a listing, I have no interest in buying an item from you/selling an item I have
-I don't do any promotions of any sort. No websites, no products, nothing
-I will never redirect you to a shady website
-I will never rush you into a trade
-I will NEVER try to steal your items

While I do my best to prevent scams from happening, please be aware about who you are trading with! Once the items are gone, there's unfortunately little I can do. Please be vigilant and do your research! Block the scammer and report them to Steam!


Steam Rep [steamrep.com]
CSGO-Rep [csgo-rep.com] (0 interest in CS2, just used the website for tf2 cash trades)

-Want to negotiate a trade (if I did not indicate that the listing price was non-negotiable)
-Inventory/profile in general seems to be in the clear
-Need some info about an item I bought/sold. Happy to help out!
-May be open to talking about worldbuilding and ocs, it's interesting to hear people's stories! :0
-Want to discuss something (e.g. puzzles, raffles, commissions, gifts, etc.)
-Other (again, just let me know!)

These will most likely result in you being ignored/blocked
-Adding merely to do the same trade as the listing. What's the point of even adding me then?
-No comment left on profile. I need a good reason why I should add you back
-Rushing me to trade. I am human. Don't expect a response in 5 seconds.
-Unsolicited trades. I don't want to buy your random ♥♥♥♥. Let's not waste our time
-Trying to buy NFS stuff. Almost everything is NFS. Please check listings and tags for exceptions
-Scammer/Affiliated with scammers. Find a different dumbass
-Affiliated with gambling websites (this includes having said website in username)
-Private profile and/or inventory
-Profile and inventory is barebones or otherwise highly suspicious
-Selling items with suspicious history. Idc you are offering a good price. Take that ♥♥♥♥ to trader mains.
-Begging/Spamming/Harassing. Take that ♥♥♥♥ elsewhere
-Sharkers/Lowballers. It's not that hard for me to research prices. Find a different dumbass
-Lewd behavior. This is not the space for it, go somewhere else
-General annoyance. I'm tired
-Lack of human decency/promoting toxicity. I have no interest in dealing with you
- Don't expect a trade back. I will not do them *
-"Added to discuss/trade/talk." However, I am aware of trade bans due to key words so flexible.
-Trader advice. You're better off asking someone much more knowledgeable than me
-If you're from a top 100 bp and/or a self proclaimed "trader main," I'm generally not interested
-Adding to be "friends." We're strangers on the internet. I'll add back if I feel comfortable doing so.
-Other (If I'm even slightly concerned about your credibility, I will ignore/block)

*I will only do them sparingly in special circumstances. Again, when trading, never expect tradebacks. Think of it as a one way street.

**Fun fact: adding the word "urgent" and "important" and its synonyms without specificity makes me block you faster.

Once you've been blocked, that's it. Trust me, I care much more about my sanity and safety than whatever ♥♥♥♥ you were offering. Apologies if it seems a bit harsh but after hearing countless horror stories from people, I feel it's necessary to take strict preventive measures. Otherwise, let's chat!


I try to be as specific as possible in the profile comments. If the profile doesn't have comments enabled (understandably lol), I am usually adding because I am interested in one of your items. If it's not items, then I have something important to ask. Although I would like to discuss, if you are simply not interested, I will respect that. Just let me know!

-Profile/inventory private? Block!
-Copy paste their steam profile into backpack.tf. They may already have negative rep. Block!
-Backpack worth little? Then they don't have anything for you. Block!
-Offering way over or under market value with no reason? Block!
-Offering steam wallet credit or CD keys? Block!
-Offering cash without cash rep? Block and honestly, just stick with pure.
-Asking to borrow/check for "cleanliness"? Block!
-Asking to promote/gamble on some website? Block!
-Claiming they accidentally reported you? Claiming they're Steam Rep? False and false. Block!
-Threatening to report you if you don't give them something? Their claims are unverified. Block!
-Asking to move the trade to a shady website? Block!
-Claiming to be an alt? If a trader says they don't have alts, then they don't have alts. Block!
-Impersonators exist. Check their profile/backpack and see if it's consistent with the real deal.
-Having rep on backpack =/ scam-free. Is the rep only for less costly trades? Be careful.
-Even supposedly legitimate traders with years of exp can go rogue. Be careful.
-Be extremely careful with cash trades. Was rep built only for a few days/months? For little money?
-Profile reps mean nothing. Do not factor them in your judgement.
-Rep can be bought. Make sure to see if the bp rep is actually legit.
-Your items could be worth a lot more than what they're asking for. Check and don't get sharked!
-Double, triple, quadruple check the trade before confirming!
-Don't let the other person rush you into a trade! You can back out if you feel uncomfortable!
-Honestly, stay suspicious unless proven otherwise.
-Think carefully. Don't let the idea of short-term high gain cloud your judgement.
-If you're ever in doubt, it never hurts to ask around!
-RESEARCH! Please, if you don't put the effort in protecting yourself, then you will get scammed.

About me:
Written in last first name, so call me Deae! I pronounce it as Dra-Co-Nem Day, but I don't really mind how you say it as long as I know you were talking to me. Since people ask, I'm not a furry/scalie. While my main oc is a dragon, my oc's actually human-looking most of the time, but dragons are cooler looking hence the pfp.

Currently, I'm the #2 red army robin collector. #1 is r/F and #3 is Crow Yo. Also shoutout to #5 Perplent. Cheers to my fellow collectors! :) My specialty is crafted numbered robins. Despite my collection, birds aren't my favorite animal. I just find the cosmetics to be neat. Also interested in lowcraft birds because of its associated history.

Not a friend collector. If I don't remember your name and why added each other and/or we haven't talked in a long time and/or I'm not interested in connecting otherwise, I will remove you. Comment and add me back if necessary.

The Long Dark + (finish the Witcher 3 at some point lol)

-Favorite TF2 class: Demoman
-Favorite DRG class: Scout
-Favorite ROR2 class: Loader
-Favorite RORR class: Huntress?
-Favorite Hades weapon/god: Malphon/Artemis
-Favorite Spiritfarer character: Gustav
-Favorite Madness Combat character: Sanford
-Favorite Starbound race: Novakid
-Favorite Stardew Valley character: Sebastian
-Favorite Rimworld mod: Deep Storage lol
-Favorite BG3 companions: Astarion/Karlach
-Favorite Pokemon: Dialga
-Favorite color: Purple, preferably a dark amethyst
-Favorite JoJo: Honestly like all of them in their own way except for Jodio (he's new) and Josuke 8 (I don't find him to be as likable as the other JoJos)
-Favorite JoJo part: Hard to decide, but I'm going to go with 6. I do like 2 through 7, and I think each offers something interesting. 1 is a bit too cheesy for me (nothing against 1 for that since it was fitting with the times back then) and 8 is just not my thing. 9 is unranked b/c new.

While I find the robins to be cute, I'm mainly interested in the history behind each robin. Why was the robin gifted to this person and why was it eventually sold? How many people previously owned the bird before it ended up in my hands? What kind of meaning did the robin have to the previous owner? If I had infinite time and resources, I would make a substantial story behind each bird but that would require interviewing far too many people and bp history was wiped in 2022 so :/ Anyway, I am usually open to buying robins so feel free to hmu if you have any!

-Have at least one of each of the bird-related cosmetics
-Craft every craftable bird-related cosmetic
-Low crafts of craftable and numbered bird-related cosmetics
-All SFN Civilian Gentlemannes
-All SFN Coffin Nails

-Have every bird head
-Have a bird and Strange bird for each class
-Have every SFN Civilian Coffin Nail
-Have 1-100 level for the robin

-Collecting red army robins. Gimme birb. Theoretically can buy unlimited at 3 ref each. :U [BN]
-Low craft (#1-5) birdman/archimedes/compatriot. Please comment/add me if you have one! [BN]
-Buying of each bird-themed item. Paying more than bots :V [BN]

BN = buying now
NB = not buying atm

-Lowcraft bird-related cosmetics
-Strange FN Star Crossed Tomislav (You know why I want this lol)
-Toadstool topper (saw a dumb loadout w/ medimedies + toadstool topper and i want it lol)
-Floppin Frenzy Shipmate
-Merc's Muffler (VFB + BP). Would be open to other footprint spells if I like how it looks
-Maybe rest of FN dressed to kills but ehh
-FN Strange Coffin Nail Grenade Launcher (meh I would rather use the iron bomber)
-FN Strange Coffin Nail Scattergun (meh barely play scout anyways)
-All of the SFN gentlemannes (as if lmaoooo)
-Rest of stranges

-Kill-a-watt Federal Casemaker
-Violet Vortex El Mostacho
-Green Energy Full Metal Drill Hat
-Strange Orbiting Planets Rotation Sensation
-Circling TF Logo Dark Falkirk Helm
-Disco Beat Down Brim-Full of Bullets
-Purple Energy Dustbowl Devil
-Sunbeams Beret
-North Star Shutterbug
-Cloud 9 Punk's Pomp

Favorite Guide
20 ratings
I initially was using https://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Bird as a reference, but at the time, there were several items missing that could be classified as bird-themed but weren't under the category. I decided why not make a guide and have a more extensive
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
Not actually up for trade! I’m simply using this as another item showcase! (might put my lowcraft birds here idk). Hmu if you happen to have any lowcrafts :)
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
1. Uncrated from a Blue Summer 2013 Cooler or Unlocked Cosmetic Crate
2. Crafted
3. Purchased from the Mann Co. Store
4. Gifted (From a saxton I assume?)
5. MvM Badge completion reward
6. Timed drop
7. Received from leveling up from dueling (only 2 exist)

675 robins (Updated as of 27 June 2024)
Newest crafted red army robin: #84711 (Updated as of 27 June 2024)
Anime_Cats Jul 21 @ 7:06am 
hey, I just wanted to know, what is the red army robin bird name?
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No way, i won! Thank you!
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Thanks man, I am a bomb called a wall breaker, I am the happiest wall breaker
Bentry Suster Jun 11 @ 9:48pm 
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Yeah I was scammed
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