E X P A N D Dong
Clive   Tacloban, Tacloban, Philippines
I make Gmod posters because I love doing it and it's also fun to do. xD
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(I have been spammed from friend requests of clickbait-ish profile pictures of probably 100% fake sexy women with identical suspicious descriptions so... Yeah, just checking.)
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Happy New Years, you beautiful people! Welcome to the new age! Let's all look forward what's ahead of our future and have fun! Stay positive, be happy, and don't give up, my friends! :Saki_Emoticon:

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Old message IGNORE pls
So... I still don't have PC at my home but... I'll sometimes be online during Monday to Friday after school here in the Philippines (3:30PM school ends)
And I will goto a Computer shop and play. So... I'll have a chance to play with you guys again, especially L4D2 and TF2. <3 gg guys :medicon:

My first name on Steam: "DropTheBass":balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon:

Most used name or Main name: "Enragement Child | Trade.tf" (Oh boy, some old cringy name to have. .-.)


New main name: "E X P A N D Dong" :medicon::medicon::medicon::medicon::medicon::medicon:

GG, the internet here in the Philippines is slow AF. I get a very bad ping here but... I can still play some servers with less players thou. LMAO

(DropTheBass): D-D-D-D-D-D-D-D-DROP THE BASS! *Wubs intensifies*

(Enragement Child | Trade.tf) :No. I don't inhale dongs. Go away ._.

(Expand Dong | Trade.tf): You just expanded my Dong. :^)

Facts about me: I love Nekos. (Deal with it. :D)

I love Anime (Totally not a Weeb),

I use Smiley instead of Lenny. Because Lenny is so mainstream :^)

I love to play Death Run, Zombie Fortress, WarioWare, and Saxton Hale or Freak Fortress. (I wish I had a very stable ping and a good PC about 30-150FPS so I can play with no problem :| )

I once had an Unusual. Here is the information

Hat name: "Pyro's Boron Beanie"

Effect: "Memory Leak"

Color: "The Bitter Taste Of Defeat And Lime"

Price: "30-35 Keys"

I sold my unusual for: 80+ colored awesome hats. I also even gave away to some friends.

Thanks for reading my description. Have some Medikits.

Also some Balloons. :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon:

And some extra Waifus :Saki_Emoticon::Saki_Emoticon::Saki_Emoticon::Saki_Emoticon::Saki_Emoticon::Saki_Emoticon::Saki_Emoticon::Saki_Emoticon::Saki_Emoticon::Saki_Emoticon::Saki_Emoticon::Saki_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon::Kurumi_Emoticon:
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Man, I listened to Japanese Funk music for too much and ended up thinking of creating this. lmao
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Omae wa mou shindeiru.
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E X P A N D Dong Jul 27 @ 8:22am 
Aight, I ain't gonna be online tomorrow. Black out during 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM so.. No Steam for 12 hours.
oh no ive found a person with the same 1st name as mine and the same birthdate Generalmajor Christian-Johannes LANDAU (13 October 1897)
False alarm
it was an Admin scammer
Generaloberst paulus Jul 9 @ 5:30am 
its me spypers