Vulpes Zenaida   Kentucky, United States
:Rivetflag: Welcome to my profile! My name is Dovv! :Rivetflag:
Feel free to add me as a friend, but please leave a reason why below!
I'm socially awkward, but I try to socialize sometimes. I usually fail.

If I send you a friend request, I just think you're a cool person to talk to and hang around with. I rarely add people I've never met in game, so if that's the case, I might know you from Discord, or from a Steam group we share in common.
(Quick note, I always read profiles before I accept friend requests. If it's private, I will most likely decline your request.)

Most information about me can be found in the info box below. But just in case you are (for whatever reason) too lazy to read on, I DO NOT TRADE. Please don't add me to trade or send me a trade request. I will decline. I don't care what your offer is.
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Welcome to my profile!
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Thank you for stalking my profile
Some stuff about me

My name is Dovv, and I'm a fove. Not sure what that is? Simply put, I'm a fox/dove hybrid with the ears, fur, tail and paws of a fox, and the wings, beak and feathers of a dove. And I may just love the color pink a little bit too much.

Got a question about me you want answered? Ask down in my profile comments. Please read my FaQ before asking anything though. I'll try to answer your question, y'know, if I actually see it, but most of the time I am away or playing something, so I'm not really paying attention.

When online, I'm probably playing a game or watching videos. In any case, you can feel free to talk to me as long as I'm not busy or offline. I only really talk to friends that I know well though. If I don't talk to you much, please don't take it personally, I'm just VERY socially anxious.

I'm either really talkative or socially anxious, but it all comes down to how well I know you. If you want to get to know me better, I'd recommend trying to start a conversation with me, because 80% of the time I don't know how to start conversations. Usually though, I'll freak out because someone I don't know is trying to talk to me. Fret not, I can try to talk, but I might fail.


:checkmark: "Can I add you as a friend?"

:csgostar: Feel free to! I'd rather have you leave a reason why you've added me in my profile comments though, as I mostly decline random invites. (I usually accept friend requests without the need for comments if I already know you well enough, like from in game. I also usually accept friend requests if we share certain Steam groups in common)

:checkmark: "Do you want to trade?"

:csgostar: No, I don't want to trade. I don't care what item you want to buy from me, and I don't care what your price is. I'm not trading.

:checkmark: "Are you a furry?"

:csgostar: I'll leave the answer up to your imagination.

If you are going to add me as a friend, I'd really prefer if you...

:checkmark: - Give me a reason why you've added me below

:checkmark: - Don't add me for trading (no exceptions are made for this. I don't trade)

:checkmark: - Have at least one game in your library and have several hours on it (in other words, don't be an obvious bot)

:checkmark: - Have your profile set to public

:checkmark: - Have your profile comment section set to public commenting, so that way if I end up declining your request, I can explain why.

If you add me as a friend but don't fill out most of the info above, chances are I'll decline your request. Continuously spamming me with friend requests without reasoning will just end up getting you blocked.

I SOMETIMES make exceptions to these. Filling everything out will increase the chance you have of me accepting your request.

How to get blocked by me 101

:checkmark: Adding me multiple times without any given reason

:checkmark: Harassing or being rude in general

:checkmark: Leaving random links in my profile comments

:checkmark: Sending me links that I deem suspicious via steam chat

:checkmark: Sending me trade requests (Again, I don't trade, so don't even bother)

:checkmark: Begging me for items (I don't give out free items, especially to people I just met)

When and when not to message me

:checkmark: Online - Feel free to message me.

:checkmark: In-game - It might take me a while to respond, but I will.

:checkmark: Away - I am probably not at my PC. Don't expect an answer until I get back.

:checkmark: Away with (busy) next to my name - Too busy to be able to talk to anyone. (I'm rarely busy when I'm online, so you won't see this happen often)

:checkmark: Offline - Most definitely offline. You can message me, but I won't respond until I'm online again.
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Grim? 8 hours ago 
This cutie is cute
SCORILO Jul 4 @ 5:13am 
Hello am 48 year man from somalia. Sorry for my bed england. I selled my wife for internet connection for play "conter strik" and i want to become the goodest player like you I play with 400 ping on brazil and i am global elite 2.
Surprise Jul 2 @ 5:53pm 
hey epic gamer dovv you're pretty neat +rep
Grim? Jun 29 @ 3:41pm 
He is best bird and you can’t say otherwise
Dovv Jun 29 @ 8:51am 
o k
SCORILO Jun 29 @ 8:32am 
you don`t look like a berd anymore, pleaze i want gmod berd, or maybe transform into a bird? (triggered)