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Silence, or he will fin-

WARNING: SCP-3666 has escaped containment. All personel be advised

(This guy here, is a roleplayer, he does all sorts of stuff that you CAN imagine, since you must be a creative person… heh heh heh………Right?)

SCP #: 3666
Nickname(s): Doom/Onyx/"Crepty"/"That Insane Thing That Never Stops Talking"
Race: Kialis, "The First Abyssian"
Age: "You Know, I Dont Even Know That"
Gender: Male
Affiliation: A Dark Place Called The Abyss, Himself, "Croc"
Job(s)/Profession(s)/Hobbies: "Lord" of the Abyss/Good at making people lose their minds/Making people lose their minds, Sit in a lawn chair for no reason at all
Strength(s): Pure Insanity/Strong vs. Light/Strong vs. Idiots/Strong vs. Talking Chairs
Weakness(es): Conflicting Feelings/Unpredictable/Weakness vs. "Demons" or Demon Like Beings

To be honest, personally I have no idea what the whole, thing above is for. Though why remove it? It seems, slightly interesting unlike my life. HAH! Joking! Well, at least about the character info sheet above being interesting.

Anyways if you are reading this, you're probably one of the many people on my friends list, and for that, I tip my hat to you. If you are a complete stranger, I seguest you just, you know, do what smart people do and move on from bad choices. Doubt i'll take too much time for most of you to read, but you'd be surprise. Well, not really, sort of depends.

As of recently, I've become a huge Guild Wars 2 fan (woo.) and Heroes of the Storm (woo.). I'm a huge Warhammer 40k nut, because who doesn't like to scream For the Emperor in public places for no reason right? I'm also a fan of Homestuck---- Yeah before you say anything, it's a decent comic. Written by a guy name Andrew Huss, or whatever, and it isn't half bad. Lots of neat inside jokes, though i'm not too crazy about that. It's sort of based on gaming so, I am interested in it. I'm also a big fan of Strategy games, like Civilization 5, Starcraft 2, etc. If you are interested at all, hey, give me a message. I mostly look busy, but that's because I hang out mostly with the bros I consider my family, those dwelling in the Sir Dudes. For all you know, if you impress me enough, you may even join the group.

"For the sake of nature please stop!" ~Doomonyx
"KNOCK KNOCK GENOCIDE IS COMING IN, and he doesnt accept credit cards!" ~Doomonyx
"Ur a professional memer kid" ~ Doomonyx
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The Story of Doomonyx
It all started, a long time ago. Now of course, skim past this, if you wish to, but this holds a lot of valueable information of myself, what I do, and what I plan to do.

I started off as a Hardcore RTS (Starcraft 2) Fan, playing all sorts of Warhammer 40k games, C&C, and Red Alert. After awhile though, I reached a creative spark in my life. I started moving on the Cortex Roleplay engine on the Starcraft 2 Arcade, meeting some great friends known as Crocnile , Darksilver , Chris , and Reaper . We grew together for years, good friends and still are, and are now known as The Sir Dudes. I'll never leave those guys, but I did move on, and branched out in my roleplaying desires towards other outwordly more text heavy areas.

I went on towards text based websites like msparp and charatrp, but soon grew tired of those, and began playing GMod. I loved the community when it was growing, and always enjoyed playing on DarkRP servers and just killing time. Of course, I finally reached a SERIOUS roleplay aspect known as HL2RP, and SCPRP, which became my favorite pass times. All the while being an online roleplayer, I was, and still have been coding and practicing all sorts of coding languages, due to that being one of my biggest dreams.

After getting into DarkRP and learning how to admin, I began playing SCPRP, and joined a formally great community known as Terminus Central. The people were amazing, and I learned a lot about community management. I rose in the ranks, soon becoming one of the super/sector admins, and enjoyed myself a lot. It was a great moment to be able to express my roleplaying tendencies, while also enjoying hanging out with a great group of friends. Soon though, the community split up, and actions after that split up (As the server I was a part of after was known as Sulfuras) I was soon booted out. I've moved on since then, as for quite some time I struggled to get over the fact that, I lost a lof of the things I grew to enjoy. It took quite some time (As I took a few months off GMod), but eventually I came back to Gmod, working with a Warhammer 40k Serious Roleplay server (A group of people known as the Vagabond Chapter), and soon moved back into DarkRP with the Nuclear Badass Community (Or |-NCBA-|).

Joining |-NCBA-| as a Staff Manager was probably one of my greatest decisions, as I was welcomed with open arms to help a community slightly shaken up back onto it's feet. Mr. Sexyness is the owner, and I believe that him and I have grown into good friends now. Along with OneLonelyDog , who works alongside me as a Staff Manager, and is also a great friend of mine. I'm still currently working with the community, along with now, focusing on my dream job, C++ and Java coding. I've been a long way, and worked quite a bit to get to this point, and always have been enjoying community management work.

Update: NCBA finally moved on and so have I. They were great friends, but my resignation was required so I could help them grow further. Currently, I'm focusing on coding and college, and have been rather pinched on time.

If you are reading this, I am open for anything you need that I may be able to help you with. I do have busy hours, but I am able to help with C++ and Java coding (To and Extent), and along with Community Management. Thank you, and always remember...

Change is Us, Change is Powerful, and Change Will Happen.
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|-NCBA-| ~OneLonelyDog~ Jun 22, 2018 @ 3:24pm 
+1 To what the sexy one said.
|-NCBA-| Larry ncba.gg Jun 22, 2018 @ 10:58am 
I am gay. Gay for you.
|-NCBA-| ~OneLonelyDog~ Jan 26, 2018 @ 4:00am 
|-NCBA-| Larry ncba.gg Oct 23, 2017 @ 12:58am 
Oooga Ooga, Whos this sexy beast?
|-NCBA-| ~OneLonelyDog~ Oct 22, 2017 @ 11:06pm 
Woof. Bark arf bork ruff?
Scruffy~ Sep 5, 2017 @ 8:08pm 
"Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?" -Patrick Star
*insert calm song opening*
They said Mayonnaise is not an instrument..
Well I'll show them!