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Nightdive has outdone themselves, Turok 2's remaster is near perfect.

Turok 2 itself is an amazing game with impressive graphics for the N64, great sound design and brutal combat across huge levels. Now you take that winning receipe, put it on PC with proper controls, new graphical options, quality of life features, mod support, and 60FPS? You got something special. Not to mention the PC soundtrack is included as an option, a very nice touch.

Beyond this, Nightdive has been supporting the game well with monthly updates that include tons of bugfixes, optimization and even new or requested features. To the point that they included an actual HORDE MODE multiplayer mode!

I could spend the rest of this review praising how great and supportive of a developer they are, despite Turok being a niche product in of itself they have committed to making this the best it could be.

At 20 Dollars, it sounds steep, but consider that unsupported, unremastered games go for 10-15 on steam. You're supporting a small niche developer that focuses on taking care of old forgotten games and you're paying for not only Turok 2 but every improvement and feature added onto it. I have spent money on worse
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