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Well, well, well. Valve has been mind-reading us, heven't they?

Seriously though,Team Fortress 2 is a Team-based First-person shooter that really puts the "Team" in Team-based...
Oh, and in Team Fortress Tw-

With 9 different classes with different playstyles and pesonalities so thick, you could put cleaver into it's beating brain, It's no wonder it has stood as the 1# Multiplayer game to be recommended and is still standing tall nearing it's tenth year from being released.

This Is Magneticfudge3, saying: I would recommend to anyone trying to figure out what an FPS is.
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Jezzus Jan 23 @ 11:50pm 
Why do I get deleted? I’m interested in your cowl...
macro Dec 3, 2020 @ 1:52pm 
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+rep funny person
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Dr Heinz Doofenschmirtz huh? cool I'm Amy Amy Rose
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++rep good man an amazing gmod artist