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Posted: Sep 22, 2018 @ 4:57am
Updated: Nov 21, 2018 @ 10:54am

Never got around to writing rieviw for Vermintide 1 so here at least goes review for the second one.

For little reference i've played around 60 hours of first one and at the time of writting this i've played around 20 hours of second one so i'm far from hardcore player who knows every nook&cranny and understands this game inside out , i'm just casual player and this is very casual review .

Vermintide 2 seems like.... just more of Vermintide really. I've stopped playing first one after around 60 hours because honestly i have felt like game was exhausted for me personally ( i've still had reds to collect and nightmares to complete but didint feel the interest anymore in doing so ) and i have a feeling that same will happen here. Probably after 20-30 hours more i will get bored of running same missions ( NOTE : I didint buy any DLCs for the first one so that reduced my potential time in game ) and this new loot box/item system they made for Vermintide 2 doesnt really add much for me and doesnt feel like something that will keep me hooked for any additional amount of time.

Despite that this game is as fun and great as Vermintide 1 was :) Even more so with extra ways to play each class and different sub-classes for each one of them. It does run way better and looks way way better as well. I just love how some of more open maps feel...visually stunning game.

All i can say that is that just buy it :) For what they ask for it you will get your money's worth and even more if you enjoy these types of games . You as me might not get hundreds of hours ( as some people do ) here but definitely some 30-40hours of super fun and well made game.
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