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Posted: May 20, 2018 @ 7:30am

Lara Croft GO is a way better game than it has any need to be.

I was expecting way less out of this puzzle game to be fair. For starters it was obviously designed for mobile and touch screen devices and that doesnt add too much merit ," just another try to cash in by doing a lazy port job " i thought to my self. I must admit i was really wrong , this turned out to be one of the better puzzle games i've played in my years.

Game has really nice art style , easy to understand game mechanics ( you play entirely with a mouse ) but at the same time it's very well thought of and each puzzle makes you think just a little bit harder than the last one which i really liked. Short levels which are most likely product of this being game for mobile phones really works to games benefit , reducing frustration to minimum while other puzzle games can make you really mad with long and boring levels.

Built-in game hint system ( which is basically walkthrough video inside the game itself ) really helps out then you are stuck.

Really nice pace and number of achievements. You can 100% this game by just playing and beating the game , no need to replay levels or game dozens of times to get some ridiculous achievement made just to waste your time.

Highly recommended if you like to challenge your brains.

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