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Posted: Jul 6, 2019 @ 8:28am

I would like to begin this 'review' stating that me not recommending this game didint mean i do not like it at all or think it's a objectively bad game , it just didint click with me as much as i actually expected.

I'm not a big walking sim fan in general though i played SOMA and What Remains of Editch Finch recently i found both of those walking sims quite enjoyable so this game being one doesnt really break a deal for me.

Now i have many good things to say about Observer . It's setting is so dear to me , i love cyberpunk and especially dark cyberpunk , lots of tasty visual style, amazing voice acting from Rutger Hauer and premise i was very into and honestly for the first hour or so i was enjoying myself very much but .

But then first 'inside brain' section came and it just all fell apart for me. From this intriguing cyber punk detective noir game it morphed into epilepsy inducing ( i have absolutely no tendency for one but this game , literally, gave me headaches ) self indulgent stream of nonsense visuals and sounds making absolutely no sense . Yes , i understand that you are supposed to be inside other person's head and stuff should be abstract and unclear but this game just overdone it so much it lost all impact. It wasnt fun , wasnt eye opening or even intriguing , it was crap and i was waiting for it to be over so i could back into main chunk of the game.

Sadly it all went down hill from there , there was more and more nonsense sections and pain inducing flashing nonsense sections.

I lost track of the story ( thought i must admit smaller stories , side quests if you will , were quite interesting and i enjoyed figuring them out ) at the last portion of the game and didint really care or understand what is happening anymore. By the end i was relieved that i'm done and i can move on to other games.

Since this is walking sim basically ( some light horror/survival sections but you need to actually try to die there ) there's nothing to say about game mechanically , it didint add or take away anything from the experience.

I will close with this .. it feels somewhat bad to leave this game a negative review ( but that's steam for you with only white and black option ) because i do not honestly think it's a bad game or anything like that but i really didint enjoy myself at all. It's way too pretentious and focuses on wrong things too much. It had such a good dark cyberpunk d noir start and could do sooo much with it but instead went with epilepsy and nonsense. Shame , it really is.

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