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Posted: Mar 7, 2020 @ 12:52am

You know that feeling when you have thousands of words in your head to describe something but you also find it impossible to describe it in written or spoken form? It's like that for me with Prey. Though one sentence i can easily formulate and stand behind - PREY IS EXEPCIONALLY GOOD.

So. Prey... is a game. A very good game which obviously draws most of it's inspirations from System Shock and Bioshock and if you have played or know about any of those games you can pretty much know what awaits you here and while i have played and absolutely love both System Shock and Bioshock i think Prey is my new favorite from these three.

It's something about atmosphere really. While this is not a horror game , at least i do not perceive it that way, it has this eery feeling throughout whole game ( this only applies if you choose to play on Hard or higher difficulty levels which i strongly urge you to do , it's a whole different game like that ) where you really feel like a PREY . If you want to survive you will have learn to effectively hide,scavenge ( i hate forced scavenging in video games but here it somehow adds to whole experience and feels integral part of it ) and weight your options every step of the way.

Admittedly game gets easier and less suspenseful later on like most harder games does ( i'm at that point now ) but i'm so invested in it's story and setting i just dont care and want to carry on. Prey is right kind of hard , you always have several options while level and map design is designed in such a specific way that even though i know this feeling is false, once you find a way to pass difficult enemy without engaging it you feel like you created your own unique way of doing so which noone else have thought of. You feel like an artist of sorts really.

Icing on a cake for me is side quests though i dont think that's an accurate name of them. If you imagine main story line as a centre branch of a tree those side stories are it's smaller branches. Every single one of them feels connected to the main story and in some cases to each other and at time they lead to one another in very unexpected and creative ways. Last time i was so interested in optional quests was in Witcher 3 and we all know how strong world building in that game was .

I just wholeheartedly recommend this game for everyone and i recommend to play it on hard and to struggle , it really makes you feel like you are isolated on a space station there you are the main dish on a menu.

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mark_wr Covenant Sep 22, 2020 @ 7:56am 
This is an exciting review. Thanks. BTW, I'm a Chrono pal. :kiddiamond:
Osac Mar 13, 2020 @ 8:35am 
Great review, sums it up pretty well without spoiling any of the mechanics.

@Sparhawk122: Why compare the two when they are 2 completely different games with nothing in common except name?
Sparhawk122 Mar 7, 2020 @ 5:31pm 
Agreed. Still I would have preferred the original concept of Prey 2. Which was your protagonist being a bounty hunter in a different universe. And that this Prey game has no connection to the first Prey game is a let down.