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Posted: Dec 4, 2019 @ 12:16am
Updated: Dec 4, 2019 @ 12:19am

Kingdom Come : Deliverance can only be described as a 'Diamond in a rough' . When this game works ( and by works i dont mean just technically but as a whole ) it just works and is in my opinion deepest RPG experience of the past few years and likely whole decade.

Main cons of this game are purely technical and related to the engine it's using. It has a lot of optimization troubles and what seems to be leftover junk code so you will need beast of a PC to run this on any reasonable settings , that said this game can look beyond gorgeous at times and that's not just purely from the graphical perspective but also how realistic and well thought out whole GAME MAP is . You really feel like you are there and if you live or lived geographically similar part of planet you can really appreciate how lifelike everything is.

While you are playing predetermined character , Henry , this game has so many deep and intriguing systems you can roleplay to your liking.There are many perks which besides having upside has a down side as well so at the end of the game you have really unique character shaped by all those systems,perks and other interesting stuff in this game.

I'm not going to delve into the story , while nothing spectacular it's very well written and paced and keeping in mind this game is mostly historically accurate story is grounded in real history which for someone who is interested in such times makes it almost a history lesson.

As much as this game made me furious at times and as many hours of game i had to replay because of bugs,glitches or simply terrible saving system i cant recommend it enough for everyone who looks for actual RPG game , not something like recent Assassins Creeds or other action games with RPG elements. This is a true, uncompromised Role Playing experience which takes particular player to be appreciated by and if you can overcome it's mostly technical flaws it will reward you with uncontested caliber experience.
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