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Posted: Nov 29, 2019 @ 1:08am

Early Access Review
NOTE: At the time of writing this review/opinion i'm at Surface Tension level which is a little bit more than half way through the game . If my opinion will shift strongly after playing remaining portion of the game i will update this review to reflect my opinion.

Now , a good question to start with would be ' Is Black Mesa a REMAKE,REMASTER or REIMAGINING of original Half Life ' ? I think it's all of those at the same time but none of them entirely. ' What does that even mean?' you could ask. Well ... while if you have played the original you will recognize all the areas, events and everything in between with ease they have redesigned some of the areas so much they sort of are different levels all together with hit and miss accuracy.

That said nothing stands as plain 'bad' in this game , i'm just not sold on some of the redesign choices they have made. But once that is out of the way i couldnt recommend Black Mesa more. I'm so glad it actually exists and that i have chance to play it. For someone like me who have played Half Life 1 last time probably a decade and a half ago this brings so many great memories back and it just holds up so well to this day . I think they left the core of the FPS game from that time untouched and the fact that it is so enjoyable to play in 2019 speaks volumes of how timeless this formula is and what monumental game Half Life was and still is. I feel more investment in this basically two decades old game i have beaten several times than most of modern FPS games with all they modern design and bombastic cutscenes.

To me Black Mesa is just a perfect way to relive and renew my appreciation for this genre and this francize in 21st century . I'm really glad this project did happen and even though it's still in EA after 10 years or so and well i dont agree on some of their changes i'm super greatful to Crowbar Collective for caring and doing this for us folks.

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