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Posted: Jan 6, 2019 @ 3:30am
Updated: Jan 6, 2019 @ 6:58am

Let me begin with stating that you shouldnt look at this as an review but just a highly subjective opinion of a fairly new player. With that said let's see what do i think about Elder Scrolls Online.

I would like to keep this pretty short so i'm going to start with little conclusion ( yes conclusion at the beggining - neat i know ) and then few pros,cons and few things i find in a middle here.

For me personally this game only works if i play it as a single-player offline elder scrolls game ( as much as it is actually possible in a mmo game ) . Enjoying views , getting into quest lines, reading all the lore , basically trying to immerse myself into the world as much as possible . Now once i'm forced to interact with MMO part of the game it just falls apart for me. I've quit playing MMO games some 10 years ago and it was for a good reason and while ESO solves some of MMOish problems pretty well it's still an MMO game with all the unsatisfying things it comes with.

And now few pros and cons and things i find servicible in this game just to illustrate my view of the game a little bit better.

Great things :
+ Gorgeous environments ( mostly ) . While they are not stunning all across the board i still find myself stopping everyu five or so minutes to take a screenshot because of how enjoyable to look at this game can be at times depending on a location.
+ It's fully voice acted and while some of the voice acting is hardly good i still find it pretty impressive keeping in mind how much content this game has to offer .

Middling things :
+- Amount of content. " How the hell a lot of content can be a bad thing " you ask me ? Welp it's overwhelming at points. You can't move 10 steps without encoutering a new quest and it's can get really really distracting. And quality of quests are... hit and miss . Some immensely enjoyable , some just a chore to get through. I would prefer less but better quests.

Things which are not so great :
- Strangely enough a class system . Let me explain . Maybe it's because i grew up playing classic cRpg games but i find classes here really pointless and confusing. You can basically play any class in any way you see fit ( mage tanks and warrior mages ) and while that sounds good and gets you through a content i do miss feeling of really playing a class and filling a
definitive role. You can do anything and be everything but at the end you feel like ... nothing . I've already changed 3 characters and still cant find one which would feel 'right' to me.

Now there are way more aspects of a game i have opinion on but let's just keep it on a short side huh ? I'm not that good at writting such things anyway.

Just to close this i would like to state that i most definitely can recommend this . I've paid 9.99$ for it on sale and already got around 40 hours from it and i think i'm good for another 40 for sure so it's just amazing value any way you look at it.
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Starship Trooper Jan 16, 2019 @ 7:19pm 
good review, thank you