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I'v stopped writing reviews for steam games while ago since lets be honest i'm not great at it but i feel that Furi deserves all the praise and attention it can get.

Before buying Furi you really need to understand what are you getting here. It's a boss rush game. There is nothing more besides hard as hell boss fights, besides some walking through areas and listening to some exposition. So be warned and understand what are you getting into.

That said Furi is absolutely phenomenal at what it set to do. All bosses are unique and unforgiving as hell. Controls are fluid and responsive which are mandatory for such purely skill based game. There are no upgrades,skill trees or anything of sorts. You are given your whole arsenal just right at the begining and you either learn to use it and overcome or you fail. I LOVE IT. It gives me that feeling after defeating boss that only Dark Souls managed to .

The extra mile they went. Visuals and music.... oh the visuals and music! This could have looked and sounded average and still be great game for it's core mechanics but they overdone themselves here. Furi looks amazing, just amazing. I wont delve in the visual style , just look at some screenshots! And the music. Oh the music. I'm not a big fan of electronic music, but this sort of 80's synth-pop soundtrack just compliments everything happening on the screen so so well i cant even describe. It just feel tailored INTO the game itself rather just being put on top the game. Hard to explain but you will get what i ment once you fire up the game.

The game even has different endings few of some are hidden better than you could expect.

Please,buy this game,play this game and support the devs. This is clearly a work of love and people who made it loved what they there doing. It justs vibrates with enthusiasm.

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