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Oh boy i guess this review is not going to win me any new friends but i dont think that Hellblade : Senua's Sacrifice is a good game.... Here i said it.

If you are still here and didint leave your home with axe in your hands to look for me let me explain why do i think so.

First of all credit where credit is due. I wouldnt dream of taking away from this game what it does right . Presentation in this title is just top notch . Everything from visual style to music and everything in between is a solid 10. Vistas are hauntingly beautiful and whispers send chills down your spine.

It's also clear that devs did their due diligence towards subject of schizophrenia and mental illness in general. I'm no expert but it sure feels heartfelt and genuine. But that's where one is forced to draw a line and talk about GAME part of this game.

And the game part is ... dull. I'm sorry it really is. You are stuck with single type of puzzle which for the most part is more annoying than it is actually challening or engaging. Yes i guess it's fun for first few sections to look around the environment for certain shapes but after 10th one i'm left with a wish for a skip button because it adds nothing to experience besides wasting your time.

Same can be said about combat. Dodge, attack,attack and repeat until all foes are dead . It's as shallow as a puddle of water and without any elements from RPG or Action games it doesnt get any better and again is there just to waste your time and you are left wanting a skip button to move on.

Hmm , you want to skip puzzles and you want to skip combat so you could move on through story ... so i'm left with a question why is this a game even? Obviously there's basically no game here, just a story , which is great and deep and i cant praise it enough , but that's it. It's a great story but not a great game. This could have been a movie or novela or maybe a comic book.

Believe me , i feel bad about not liking this as much as everyone else does . I had highest of hopes for this game as i'm a huge fan of Norse mythology and everyone was talking how amazing this is going to be and ... i dont know, it's just not. As a game , something you take your controller or keyboard with mouse and just PLAY this is boring.

Phew ...
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The legends were true! IT'S A SLOTH!

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