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Kind of like a first person perspective version of Factorio but more grindy. I enjoyed it but it isn't for everyone.
Posted November 23, 2017.
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Worth the asking price. The premade puzzles can be quite challenging, especially the later ones. For me, the real value is in the 'infinite' random levels, where they aren't nearly as hard -- the difficulty of these is usually right on the mark for me. 1500 puzzles later and 100+ hrs into this, I can confidently recommend this 'game'. I play a few puzzles with my morning coffee now, the way some people work on jumbles or a crossword puzzle.

Also, IMO, you don't need the entire collection of Hexcells games. Infinite is the one to get.
Posted November 24, 2016.
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August 21, 2014:
After 4 weeks, a second look. My original review (July 28th) was filled with optimism about the potential for the game to be all that was promised in the store listing: the definitive version of an existing game, with all of the original content and expansions (plus additional missions), a fix for the cheating/hacking that existed in the original Dungeon Defenders, rebalanced heroes and towers and more new features. It concluded with:

"I enjoy the game despite the issues, and look forward to what it will be when the wrinkles are smoothed out a bit. My advice is to let it cook a bit more and come back in a month or two to see where it is at. It's a fun game, but despite being a rehash of a game released in 2011, it lacks polish and is incredibly buggy. I give it a thumb up, in that I do enjoy it and anticipate it to get significantly better as the current issues are resolved."

The problem is that to this point, none of that has come to pass. Although weekly patches are released, there seems to be a fundamental component of the original game that is missing and/or broken.

For a game that really exists on the idea that you will kill attacking monsters to get newer and better loot or spend in-game currency to upgrade your existing equipment or some combination thereof, it is surprisingly hard to actually get that loot. One of the issues is the existence of only so many 'objects' in the game at a given time. Since DDE spawns both coins, mana crystals and loot during missions, if you aren't quick enough, there is no way to grab the loot before it disappears. The rate at which items drop which are actually an upgrade is also extremely slow, and in my experience only occurs during the last wave of a mission (perhaps 15-20 minutes of gameplay for a standard mission, or in the last 5 minutes of 60 minute 'survival' wave). While the original Dungeon Defenders had challenges you could complete and get rewards of equipment or pets, DDE has the exact same challenges, but with no reward at the end. It's simply mission over, back to the tavern.

Hero and monster balance is incredibly flawed. It is hard for me to criticize hero balance, since it is NOT my opinion that all heroes need to be on an equal footing or equally valuable. However when a patch is released, where 'hero health scaling is changed by 108% for Huntress, 194% for Initiate, 66% for Monk and Jester" and so on, it is a sign that the game has not been playtested. Again, for a game that is 95% a carbon copy of a 3 year old game, this is inexcusable. It is not just hero health either. Other massive, sweeping changes in their 'weekly patch' include Dark Elf Warrior jump attack damage reduced from 105 to 35, Bowling Ball tower projectiles last 3 seconds (rather than 6), lowering all Huntress trap radius scaling from .039 to .0058. The point is not that I am unhappy about a specific change, but that the magnitude of the changes are massive and demonstrate just how little testing the game had before release.

Summoner pets are altogether broken. Imagine a class where the towers (pets) you create are similar to those of other classes except they are either severely underpowered, wander away from where you set them up, or simply don't attack. These issues did not exist in DD1, so why do they exist here. And why is it so hard to fix them?

In a multiplayer game, it is a common occurrence to find low level players join the game and idle, contributing nothing, but leeching xp to level up while away from their screen. There is no way to remove them from the game, unless you make a new game session. Worse than this though is the ability for any player to sell any existing tower or trap. This comes in 2 flavors. Those who sell everything to be griefers and those who sell everything because it does not confirm to the 'optimal' build for that map -- which seems to boil down only squires being able to build. For me, unless I'm playing solo, the fun has been sucked out of the game.

The Playverse overlay/interface still remains broken.

Player levels remain capped at 60. This was the cap in Dungeon Defenders before the release of any of the expansions. There is no nightmare or higher difficulty level (it will be implemented at some future point). I have not reached the level cap (because I am not willing to put up with the buggy/broken release any further), but many have reached the level cap and have nothing else to play for due to the level cap and loot issues.

Other game modes are still missing such as nightmare and pure strategy.

I never thought I'd complain about the patching system, but I -have- to comment on it. For one thing, the patches, when released, require a redownload of the entire game (5.25GB), no matter how large or small the patch is. This is even more of an absurdity when a patch changelist can be as small as:
- Fixed the Barbarian pet bug issue
- Fixed the Hero Inspect window issue

I am fortunate to not have a data cap, but still, this is 20+GB of -patching- this month.

The second issue I have with the patching system is that you must run the game launcher and the launcher then downloads the patch. There is no Steam integration with silent or background downloading of the patch. The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if this was done to make it appear as if I am playing the game when I am really waiting for the 5+ GB to download. Considering that the patches are released weekly, this adds up to a lot of time (my connection is 1MB/s download) of my 28 hours 'played' where I was not in fact playing.

And finally, I am not alone in my opinions. The Dungeon Defenders community has slowly trickled away to other games as the patches have not fixed the core game. At this moment, there are 626 players in game. Six Hundred players, total (some of which may be patching, perhaps).

This is not a finished product. It lacks polish, but more than that -- key features and key gameplay elements are missing while others (loot!) are broken. If the game were feature complete and in need of balance tweaks, it could be called Dungeon Defenders beta. This game should be considered Dungeon Defenders Eternity Alpha release. I can no longer recommend it.
Posted July 28, 2014. Last edited August 21, 2014.
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